Avoid Middlemen

During the last 2 years, there has been a surge of unscrupulous middlemen search engine placement companies that take money from people and sign them up with the sponsored side of the search engines. These middlemen "search engine placement" companies generally offer monthly pricing for top 3 SPONSORED listings of search engines for seldom used key phrases. You do NOT need these middlemen, as you can do the same thing yourself directly with the search engines. Use the links to Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing under "option 2" of our homepage if you need sponsored listings.

Here is how their "operation" works - Typically, they advertise top 3 listings for a low monthly fee. That monthly fee can range from $50 per month to $500 per month. However, these people don't want you to get clicks. See the more clicks you get the more of the money that you gave them is going to be used for the sponsored listings budget. So they do the "research" and tell you to use keywords like "decorative driveway Atlanta" or "affordable decorative women's suits" basically any keyword that is seldom searched for. They are going to use only a fraction of the money you give them for your budget.

So they take your let's assume $200 and give you keywords that rarely receive clicks and show you how well you are ranked for them on the sponsored side of the search listings. Assuming each click costs them $1 and you get 2 clicks a day (if that) then your monthly cost to them is $60. They just made $140 from you! You could do the same thing yourself directly with the search engines, but are 2 clicks what you are after?! On the other hand the whole purpose of organic search engine optimization is to get your site on the NATURAL search results of the major search engines, where you can have as much as 77% higher click rates than the sponsored listings, and on the natural search results you can get unlimited hits!