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Search Engine Optimization Companies and First Page Ranking Guarantees
February 28, 2008

I cannot tell you how many calls I get of people telling me “how can you guarantee first page ranking when every search engine optimization company I have spoken to today has told me no one can guarantee first page ranking.”

Well, its simple we do!! We guarantee first page ranking or FULL money back! We've had this offer for years! We offer a full money back guarantee if the the client's site does not get on the first page of the search engines. Why would we do that after all the programmer hours and link building hours we put into a search engine optimization project? That too is simple! Why would we charge a client money when their site is not on the first page? If the client's site is not on the first page, they are not going to get traffic. Plain and simple. If they are not going to get on the first page, then we should not charge them anything for our work. Thus if the site does not get on the first page, then we should provide the client a full refund! This also gives us plenty of incentive to get every site we touch to the first page of the search engines!

If a search engine optimization company is going to take your money and not give you a money back guarantee if your site does not get on the first page, then what is the point of hiring that company? If you want to throw your money away, there is the Red Cross, Unicef and many others that would love to take your donation! So the next time a search engine optimization company has the audacity to say no one can guarantee first page ranking, just tell them no one should ever take on a search engine optimization project without a first page money back guarantee! I openly say we are not the only company on the Internet that offers a full money back first page ranking guarantee. However, from the nearly 5000 search engine optimization companies today, there are only a handful of search engine optimization companies that offer a first page money back guarantee on natural search results of the major search engines.

So how do you go about choosing a search engine optimization company?

After eliminating everyone who is not offering a full money back guarantee, it then comes down to the following factors:

   1. SEO Price
   2. SEO Experience
   3. SEO Ethics

SEO Price

As you shop for search engine optimization companies that offer first page ranking on the NATURAL search results, you will find a large disparity in price. Most companies will not have any published prices on their sites. Most will not even give you a range! The reason for this is quite simple. If you fill out their “get a quote” form they will surely ask you for your website. From your site, search engine optimization will determine how much someone like you can afford for SEO. If you are a dog groomer, you might get a $300 per month with $500 deal. If you are an attorney with 4 offices, you will get a $2000 per month deal, with $7000 down. At we believe this methodology of pricing is highly unethical. As such, we clearly publish our prices. In addition, our prices are relatively quite affordable.

SEO Experience

This part is easy, if the company has not been doing SEO for at least 5 years, simply eliminate them as an option. If they make statements like “Link Exchange” or “Content is King” on their sites, just eliminate them as an option. If they say anything like “Cloaking” eliminate them as an option. If they say they must own the domain name or do the hosting of the site, just eliminate them. After doing all of the above your options should be significantly narrowed down.

SEO Ethics

Look there is plenty of smut and for the lack of a better word “crap” on the Internet . Simply ask the SEO company you call if they work with pornography, home business opportunity, casino or pharmacy sites. If your search engine optimization company says “Yes” to any one of those, just eliminate them as an option. Their ethics are self-evident.

Moral of the story - Hopefully these tips will make it a lot easier for you to choose the right search engine optimization company. However, no matter what you do, take action! Take action and get your website optimized by a professional firm that can deliver first page ranking results.

If you think your web designer is going to be able to handle the SEO of the site for you because he is going to put meta tags in your site, give alt tags to your images and put the keywords and separate them with dashes in your page names, you are sadly mistaken. Your web designer will tell you to wait 4 to 6 months to see results. After burning 6 months of time you will sadly find out meta tags are dead and Alt tags and keywords in page names are trivial. What's worse, your site will not be anywhere on the first page. I have seem this EXACT scenario play out so many times due to website owners not willing to invest a bit of money into their search engine optimization process. Their web designer will do the “work” for probably about $150, but how much potential profits will be lost during the 6 months of waste? You tell me! I cannot tell you how many times a caller calls me for the first time, gets all sorts of details from me and says he will call back tomorrow to get the process started. Yet I hear back from them 6 months later, badly beaten up by promises others have made that were never delivered, calling me with a credit card in hand ready to finally place their order. Trust me on this, do not become a statistic. If you are going to put up a website, invest some good search engine optimization dollars into it by hiring he right search engine optimization company.

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