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March 7, 2008

Ahh the old adage- you get what you pay for. I am going to paint a picture for you when it comes to the pricing structure of so called "search engine registration" companies. The price point they put out can range from $9.99 ($9.99 are you outta your mind) to $60,000. Obviously, there must be a huge difference in service you would say. Well, the answer is not as plain as one would think (the plot thickens).

To keep this article relatively concise, simply put, totally and utterly ignore any offer you see anywhere on the Internet that is going to offer search engine registration service for $9.99 (or some other like price). You are probably going to get nothing more than an automated submission service that submits your site to thousands of parasitic websites and some unheard of search engines. The two most important search engines that matter to most people are Google and Yahoo (relative to numbers- MSN, AOL, Altavista, and Ask have a "Ron Paul" type following in some places of the world).

Rant – My dear head honchos and marketing executives at Ask. May I "ask" you a question. Why did you change your name? Whyyyyyy??? Everyone who calls my office still refers to you as Askjeeves. Can you do me a favor and just change it back. So I won't have to say "Ask" and people won't tell me they've never heard of that!

Back to the story-

Then you have what I refer to as the "round-robin" PPC people. However, they don't call themselves that. The round-robin PPC people have statements on their sites like, we will get your site to the top of the search engines within 7 working days or your money back. Did you say 7 working days!!! Why yes we did Ron, and to top that you only need to pay us $100 per month. Now, how does that sound eh? Hmmm, Sounds like total hogwash!

The round-robin PPC people tend to take a monthly payment, then they pocket some of that into either Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing (some do MSN Adcenter as well) and the rest goes into their pockets. Let me give you a number scenario in a semi-screenplay fashion:

Round-Robin PPC people offer: $100/month – Top Ranking in 7 days!

You (excited and in a rush): Sign-up and pay $100

Round-Robin PPC People: Place $50 in Google Adwords and $50 in Bank of America under "Round-Robin PPC People" account.

Your ad: Shows up on top in 2 days!

You: Wow, I am so impressed!

You (2-minutes later): Wait, where did my ad go.

You (mad as heck on the phone): Where is my ad you @#$%%^^!!

Round-Robin PPC People (acting surprised that you have the audacity to call): Why it's right where it supposed to be SIR!! Did you check under keywords "XYZ?"

You (insulted and angry): Yes, I did you @#$%^@#!!!

Round-Robin PPC People (logs in Adwords control panel and increases the daily budget so the ad appears): Well check again SIR!!

You (befuddled): Umm, yeah, it's there. I see it now.

Round-Robin PPC People (smirking and kicking a puppy): Anything else I can help you with today sir?

You: No, I guess everything is fine.

You (2 minutes later): My ad is gone again!!!! Why is this happening to me!! Why me!! I 'm good to everyone! WHHHHYYY MEEE!!!

Well, you have been duped not once, not twice, but thrice by these very slick Round-Robin PPC guys.

  1. You were duped when you thought you were going to be in the NATURAL or ORGANIC search results, but you are actually getting listed under the sponsored listings.
  2. You were duped when you thought they were placing your ad on a $100 budget, but they are actually placing it for some portion of that amount. I have heard they use the 50-50 model...
  3. Finally, when you convinced yourself you've done the right thing, hey what difference does it make, I'm at the top of the search engine right, you were duped once more as your ad disappeared due to the $1.56 daily budget they have your ad on. In essence once you get a few clicks (maybe just 1 click) your ad will go bye bye.
Now, let's move on towards the higher end of search engine registration and SEO prices. I refer to these people as "High & Mighty SEO."

The High & Mighty SEO guy describes his life on his site in the following manner. Firstly, he spawned the Internet, then he saved a puppy running across the freeway by jumping out of his car window traveling at 70 MPH, flying across the face of oncoming traffic to hurl his body on top of the poor puppy and thus saving it, and then raising it to become a seeing eye dog and later donating it to the organization for the blind. Anyway, sorry, sometimes I get carried away, but back to the story-

After he spawned the Internet, he advised Google on how to write a better search engine algorithm. Then to thank the High & Mighty SEO for his wisdom, Alan Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google, took him golfing and bought him a new set of golf clubs and a golf cart to carry them in. To thank them back, the High & Mighty SEO gave Alan and Sergey the opportunity to discuss search engine optimization with the High & Mighty SEO and to share his knowledge with those Stanford grads. To add more seasoning to his stunning accomplishments in this life, the High & Mighty SEO has optimized the sites of Bank of America, Walmart, Citibank, Pepsi, Coke, and countless other conglomerates that he does not want to mention, lest he be accused of false name dropping.

The High & Mighty SEO, usually has a form on the site that you can complete, which of course will ask for your website address. Once they look at your site, they can determine what your pricing is going to be. Oh, so I see you are a plastic surgeon, well for you, it is $60,500. So I see you are an attorney, for you it is $40,250. Oh I see you are a dog breeder, for you, it is a measly $7,500. The pricing scale is based on how much money you can make from their services. Sometimes, they misquote, where a juggling balls manufacturer gets a quote of $50,000. In that scenario, the High & Mighty SEO misread the website when he read the word "manufacturer."

At, our pricing is wide open for everyone to study. We have set prices as we feel that keeps everything out in the open and fair for everyone. You see our prices very clearly posted on the site. You will find for the service we provide and the top 10 ranking guarantee that we offer our prices are quite affordable.

Moral of the story – It is a common misconception to think higher price means better service. Some Lasik eye surgeons charge $5000 per eye, where other far more experienced and better equipment having lasik eye surgeons charge only $2000 per eye. So should I go to the lasik eye surgeon that charges more, since I mean these are my eyes, they are extremely important to me, I should just pay more to make sure nothing goes wrong, right?! WRONG! Check their credentials, you will find it is not necessarily true that higher prices means better service. In fact, in most cases, you will find higher prices provides you with mostly the PERCEPTION of better service, not better service. The Lasik eye surgeon who charges moderate prices, gets many more clients and thus can be far more experienced at doing the job right!


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