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Microsoft & Amazon Working on Smartphone – Impact on SEO
March 13, 2013

Assuming Microsoft will produce its own Smartphone, means they will do further development for Bing and Bing advertising. This in turn means that Microsoft will be taking a more aggressive stance on both fronts. mobile and searc. They are severely behind in both spaces. In fact, their archenemy Google is the industry leader in both mobile and search; so Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do. Some of you may recall that old Steve Jobs interview in 1995, where Steve Jobs accused Microsoft of being small. He meant it, as he further explained in that interview, that Microsoft doesn’t come up with anything; they take other people’s ideas.

So, to my mind, being that Google is wildly successful with AdWords ($43 billion in 2012 ad revenues compared to $3 billion for Bing), Microsoft will try to mimic Google in every way possible. Google has "cleaner" search results and various platforms for search advertising. AdWords alone has about a dozen different types of advertising flavors. So Microsoft will start to move in that direction. After Windows 8 sizzled, Microsoft has little room left. There are two areas where they are weak; search and mobile, so in my view they will take an aggressive stance on both.

As far as SEO is concerned, Bing may try to take bold steps against sites that have excessive SEO. One possibility may be to employ their own web spam team like the one headed by Matt Cutts from Google. It is imperative that SEO is as snow-white as possible, not just for Google’s sake, but progressively more, for Bing as well. The more money Microsoft pours into Smartphone development, the more they will try to push Bing. The more they try to push Bing, the more energy they will spend on maximizing returns via Bing advertising. They will try to clean up web spam, which is good for all of us that do white-hat SEO.

So there you have it, don’t just do clean white-hat SEO for Google, meaning no automation, no excessive backlinks from blogs, forums, articles etc, and write good unique content written for humans and not search engines (never ever "spin" content), but as time progresses, do it for Bing too.

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