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Q: What type of sites does search engine optimize?
A: has completed search engine optimization work for all sorts of sites including, but not limited to, realtors, attorneys, dentists, plastic surgeons, accountants, vocational schools, universities, tutors, software companies, manufacturers, consultants, wedding planners, dog breeders, horse breeders, clothing companies, remodeling contractors, heating and air conditioning companies, plumbers, furniture stores, limo/shuttle companies, moving companies, photographers, artists, musicians, cleaning services, vacation homes, hotels, lodges, boat repair, body shops, mechanics, auto parts, motorcycle parts, sporting goods, computer repair, copier companies, printing companies, promotional product companies, equipment rental companies, banks and many more. We work with sites that we feel will add value to the end user.

Q: Can optimize any website?
A: No, there are 13 types of sites that we do NOT work with. They are:
  • Sites that have any adult content (we work with "G" rated sites only)
  • Home business opportunity sites or home business opportunity books
  • Websites that contains any racist information
  • Dating websites
  • Gambling/Casino websites
  • Psychic or love spell sites
  • Replica product websites
  • Cigarette offer websites
  • General gift/greeting card sites that offer everything under the sun
  • Weight loss products/Vitamins/Online pharmacies
  • Payday loan sites
  • Pre-paid legal sites
  • Mortgage and insurance lead generation sites

Q: Do you have monthly payment plans?
A: No we do not, as true search engine optimization does not work that way. We first need to optimize your website, then wait for the search engines to re-index their databases and pick-up on the optimized changes made to your site. This waiting period can take as little as 4 weeks to as much as 16 weeks. However, we do take all major credit cards, which you can use as a method of financing the search engine optimization of your website.

Q: How can other companies guarantee top 3 rankings in the sponsored search results for the life of the contract for a low fixed monthly fee?
A: Easy, they are using rarely searched for keywords like "cute decorative driveway Atlanta." How many hits do you think you are going to get with that keyword search? Let's do the math. You give these middlemen $100 per month. They take a portion of your money and put it in Bing's sponsored listings or Google Adwords; the rest goes to their pocket. Let's assume they deposit half your money in the sponsored listings of the search engines, that means you will get $50 worth of traffic. The only way they can cut your ad off at not exceed the $50 budget is to put your ad in a round robin system, where your ad appears for literally minutes out of the day. The rest of the time, your competitor's ads will be shown where your ad used to be. If you would like to advertise under the sponsored listings of search engines, by all means do so, but do so yourself as it will probably take you less than 2 minutes to set that up directly with the search engines. They all have easy to use websites you can use to set that up! However, the least expensive method of getting traffic to any website is to go through a search engine optimization company like and ensure your site appears on the NATURAL (non-paid) search results of the major search engines.

Q: Are your different levels of First Page Ranker search engine optimization fees monthly or yearly fees?
A: All of our search engine optimization services are yearly fees. We have no monthly fees, no pay per click fees, nor do we have any hidden fees.

Q: I've seen other companies guarantee top 10 ranking in the natural search results in 4 days. Is this even possible?
A: Please read the very fine print on their site. Actually, you will have to read it as sites that make such claims tend to not have a listed phone number anywhere on their sites! (red flag). If you read their fine print you will find they are going to make a doorway page for your site on someone else's site, and will ask you to make doorway pages on your site pointing to other people's sites as well. They will either email you some code that you will need to upload to your site that automatically makes doorway pages, or they will FTP into your site directly and upload the doorway pages themselves. As you have probably read in Google's guidelines or heard elsewhere, once discovered by the search engines, doorway pages may get banned from the search engines! If you discover you have been a victim of doorway pages, immediately contact that company, have them cancel and refund your account, and of course immediately delete the doorway pages, then find a reputable search engine optimization company to handle the optimization of your website for you. As to the 4 days, they are referring to 4 days AFTER the search engines refresh themselves. Search engines can take as little as 4 weeks to as much as 16 weeks to refresh themselves.

Q: Have you worked with major publicly traded companies like WalmartTM?
A: Please do not be misled by unscrupulous search engine optimization companies that are using brand name recognition having companies like WalmartTM, PepsiTM and the like to gain your trust. Giant conglomerate companies like that do not need search engine optimization. People know about them already. They are household names.

Q: What if 200 companies that do the same thing all call you, can you work with all of them?
A: If 200 realtors call us from all over USA, England, and Canada, we probably will be able to take on all their requests, as their key phrases will be different than one another. For example, the key phrase for one realtor may be “Los Angeles homes” where for another realtor the key phrase would be “New York homes” and yet another realtor’s key phrase would be “London homes”. However, our policy is to take on a maximum of three (3) clients that have the same exact key phrase.

Q: Why should I trust you?
A: We have been in business for over 18 years. We are one of the few professional search engine optimization companies that offer a full money back guarantee if we do not place your site on the first page of the natural search results, plus we will keep your site on the first page for as long as you have an account with us. In addition, we are one of the lowest priced professional search engine optimization companies in America! We do all our SEO work from Glendale (Los Angeles County) California, and we do everything possible to help the client succeed. We at firmly believe in the law of increasing returns. This means, we do not want to provide you the amount of service for which you have paid, we want to provide you with much more service than the amount you have paid! This has been our secret for many years. We give you more, because we know you will actually refer more and more business to us if we do. This has been the case for many years. And what happens if we don't get your site on the first page? No loss on your part, we give your entire payment back, no questions asked!

Q: Do search engine optimization companies have a special inside track relationship with search engines like Yahoo or Google?
A: Some unscrupulous search engine optimization companies try to trick people into thinking they have former engineers from Google and Yahoo working for them, and thus imply that have the inside track to optimizing websites. Others make claims that they have optimized the websites of big name companies like a Bank of America, or even Microsoft's website. As if conglomerate companies like that need search engine optimization! These claims are usually full of hot air and are usually very far from the truth! No search engine optimization company has any inside track to any search engine. At we have been optimizing websites for over 18 years, and we have our client's websites ranking on the first page of major search engines by using both on-site and off-site optimization (one-way link building) methodologies.

Q: Others have told me that no one can guarantee first page ranking. How do you do it?
A: We have been optimizing websites and getting them on the first page of major search engines for over 18 years. We have a solid track record of getting our client's websites on the first page of major search engines. We are so confident in our work that we guarantee first page ranking of our client's websites, and keep it on the first page for as long as they have an active account with us or we issue a full refund! We still get surprised when people call our office and tell us they paid some so-called search engine optimization company $1,500 per month for 4 months and they still do not have the site ranked anywhere on the first page, and on top of that the search engine optimization company never guaranteed they would ever get on the first page. So what exactly are these so-called search engine optimization companies doing for their clients? Taking their money, fixing their meta tags and hoping for the best? Meta tags are old news folks. They do not work like they used to. Search engine pptimization (SEO) is a lot more complicated than meta tags. Here at not only do we guarantee first page ranking on major search engines, but we also optimize client websites around the key phrases our clients tell us to optimize their websites around. Other search engine optimization companies optimize for key phrases no one would ever search for like "real estate agent homes buy Los Angeles." Search engine optimization companies should proudly stand behind their work and guarantee first page ranking or offer a full refund to protect the interest of their clients! The full refund policy would show their true confidence in their work!

Q: What levels of "First Page Ranker" search engine optimization do you offer?
A: Our basic First Page Ranker search engine optimization package starts at website optimization around 8 key phrases, and goes up from there in increments of 8 key phrases. So 8,16, 24, 32, 40 key phrases and so on. Typically, the more key phrases we optimize a website around, the more visibility that website tends to get on the search engines, as we will be covering more ground.

Q: I know search engine optimization does not happen overnight, but how long will it take until you have my site on the first page of major search engines through your First Page Ranker plan?
A: Search engine optimization is not an overnight strategy. It is a long-term strategy that pays off handsomely when it matures! Typically, it takes us about 2-3 business days to fully complete the on-site optimization of your website. It takes several weeks for us to complete the off-site optimization (one-way link building). Then we have to wait for the search engines to re-index their databases to pick-up on the optimized changes made your the site. This process can take the search engines as little as 4 weeks to as much as 16 weeks from the date of optimization. Once that time-frame has elapsed, your site should start appearing on the first page of major search engines! You can see the results our First Page Ranker clients are seeing on our Testimonials pages. We hope to see your testimonial on that page when your website's optimization pays off for you!

Q: Will your optimization through the First Page Ranker change the look of my site?
A: Your site's look and feel will remain the same. We are not just a search engine optimization company, we also do high availability website development, so we fully understand and value the importance of website presentation!

Q: Can you optimize websites that are entirely in Flash or have frames in them?
A: Yes, we certainly can. We can optimize websites built on any platform. We've done lots of optimization work on websites built on WordPress, Yahoo Stores, Joomla etc. You name it, chances are we've optimized for it.

Q: What is the difference between natural results and sponsored links (pay-per-clicks)? The big difference is that there are huge savings through natural results. Take a look at our table below for a price comparison:

Sponsored Links (PPC or CPC) vs. Natural Search Results (SEO)
Promotion Method Hits Per Month* Cost Yearly Fee
Sponsored Links 1000 $1 per click** $12,000
Natural Results 1000 $1,195 for unlimited clicks $1,195

Click here to view a demo of the on page difference in display of a natural result vs. a sponsored result.

*Hits per month is a hypothetical number. Hits per month can be higher or lower.
**Per click fee is only an assumption. Per click fee can be higher or lower.

Q: I contacted several other search engine optimization companies and found their prices range from $4,000 to $30,000 per year, and some did not even offer a ranking guarantee. How are you able to offer your First Page Ranker search engine optimization service with a ranking guarantee at such a low price?
A: The reason for such significant differences in pricing is that most of our competitors will ask for a "no obligation" form to be completed where they are trying to gage what line of business the client is in, so they can then charge accordingly. For example, if you are into real estate, sell car rims, or if you own a car dealership you are going to get a higher price quote than if you run a local sewing class. However, most of the work they do is pretty much the same. They are just charging different companies different prices based on how much money they think they can take from that company. In addition, most of our competitors do not offer any sort of ranking guarantee, and the ones that do, offer a watered down and loosely written guarantee that in most cases makes little or no sense. Here at we have a high volume of client websites that we promote. We cater to hundreds of member affiliate web developers that turn over all of their client's SEO work to us. As a result of the high volume of work we take in, we are able to offer deeply discounted pricing. We have been optimizing websites for over a decade and we stand firmly committed behind our work by offering a full money back guarantee if we do not achieve first page ranking for our clients. Additionally, other optimization companies tend to fluff their prices and gouge unsuspecting website owners, as most website owners, although are excellent at what they do, are not computer and Internet savvy, so they cannot differentiate a good deal from a priced-gouged deal when it comes to search engine optimization. We invite you to shop around, you will find that our prices, service, guarantee, and most of all results are second to none. Should you have any questions, call us at 1.800.585.3222 or outside of the United States at 1.818.246.8200, a friendly telephone representative will answer any questions you may have.

Q: If I purchase the First Page Ranker will I be able to lock in my rate for subsequent years?
A: Yes. Whatever price you purchase the First Page Ranker will allow you to renew your service of the First Page Ranker at the same price of the original purchase. So even if our prices increase, your rate will not be affected.

Q: What is Search Engine Placement? How can they claim my website will be on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing within 48 hours?
A: Search Engine Placement could mean different things to different people. In its true sense of the phrase it is the optimization of a website so that it is positioned higher in the natural web results of search engines. However, today it is mostly recognized as the purchasing of pay-per-click sponsored listings from companies such as Bing Advertising or Google AdWords. Some "search engine placement" companies are simply acting like middle-men and signing people up with Bing Advertising or Google Adwords. The way this works is they ask for a flat monthly fee of say $50, then they sign you up with Bing Advertising or Google adwords and turn over your account back to you! You do not need such middle-men at all. You can sign-up for a sponsored account directly with Bing Advertising or with Google Adwords directly from Google. Google will even provide you with detailed reporting. By paying these middle-men you could be throwing good money away as you can do everything the middle-men can do within a few minutes yourself. On Google, you can even have your ad appear within 15 minutes in some cases. In essence, you are paying these middle-men $50 per month, and then you are going to pay Google (if you do Google adwords) a separate per-click fee. As you probably guessed, that per-click fee could be a very costly proposition. Here is a chart that shows how costly a pay-per-click campaign can be (answer continued below the chart):

Sponsored Links (PPC or CPC) VS. Natural Search Results (SEO)
Promotion Method Hits Per Month* Cost Yearly Fee
Sponsored Links 1000 $1 per click** $12,000
Natural Results 1000 $1,195 for unlimited clicks $1,195

*Hits per month is a hypothetical number. Hits per month can be higher or lower.
**Per click fee is only an assumption. Per click fee can be higher or lower.

Other Search Engine Placement firms have set-up a system where they charge you a set fee, of say $100 per month, then sign you up with pay-per-click sponsored listings from Bing Advertising or Google AdWords, which you can easily do yourself, and then use SOME of your $100 in the sponsored listing, and pocket the rest! In essence, if you were to sign-up with Bing Advertising or Google AdWords yourself, you could be using all of your $100 for your ads, but when you hire such a Search Engine Placement company, they could spend say $50 of that $100 on your sponsored listings, and pocket the remaining $50. They can manage such a system by putting unsuspecting people on a round-robin system, also known as a rotating system, where the keywords would appear on search engines for only a few hours per week! You could one day check for your keyword and find that it is not listed on the search engines as promised by the Search Engine Placement company, and you of course will pick up the phone and call them to find out why! When someone picks up the phone at the Search Engine Placement company you are going to say, "my keyword of XYZ is not appearing on Yahoo!" They are simply going to put you on hold "while they check on it" and increase your keyword's bid on the pay-per-click search engine Bing Advertising, and when it appears on Yahoo (it appears instantly on Yahoo), they will come back on the phone and say to you, "we checked, and your keyword is listed # 1 in Yahoo, go to Yahoo and try it yourself." Low and behold, you check and find your keyword on Yahoo in the #1 position, and you hang up the phone happy! However, in about 15 minutes, they take your keyword back down, and your website is nowhere to be found once again, and instead your competitor's website is now where your site used to be, because you have only given them $100, and they cannot afford to pay the exorbitant per click fees! So you see how this scam works? Here at we DO NOT use sponsored listings. All of our listings are part of the NATURAL or ORGANIC search engine listings!

Q: I have a home-based business opportunity site; can you optimize it through your First Page Ranker search engine optimization service?
A: No, we will not optimize home-based business opportunity sites. In addition, we will not optimize any casino, sports betting, or adult sites.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We have been in business since November of 1994.

Q: I am located outside of the United States. Are you able to provide your First Page Ranker optimization service for my website?
A: Yes, we can accommodate any website anywhere in the world as long as it meets our search engine listing policies. We have customers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Brazil, Spain, Lebanon, New Zealand, China, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Japan, and Finald. The list of countries is continually growing. All the search engine optimization (SEO) work we conduct is done from our Glendale (Los Angeles County), California office.

Q: How many search engines are there throughout the world?
A: There are approximately 240 search engines throughout the world. However, only a handful of them have any serious traffic. You know who they are, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL Search and a few others. If someone mentions a search engine you have never heard of, chances are most people have not either, so it's a moot point to waste time submitting your website to search engines that cannot deliver traffic. We submit to every search engine that accepts submissions. Please do not be misled by claims you read elsewhere on the Internet, where some claim there are over 1,500 search engines, and yet others claim there are 700,000 search engines! As you may have guessed, these claims are simply absurd! You will notice most companies making these absurd claims will not state a time-frame as to how long it will take to list your site on search engines. In addition, they will not guarantee your actual listing on any search engines! Some even state it will take up to 6 months just for your site to appear through their submission system! Finally, some of these companies will not even have a telephone number listed anywhere on their website. Those that actually do have a telephone number will usually have the phone routed to some answering service. Please do not be misled by companies that are making such absurd claims.

Q: I noticed other companies are claiming they can list my site on the First page of search engines 48 hours to 7 days. Is this possible?
A: Companies that are claiming they can list web sites on the 1st page of search engines in a few days are usually misleading people. Sometimes they are referring to listing web sites on the 1st page of completely unheard of search engines, and other times they are referring to ranking on the 1st page for almost never used search keywords such as "best agent real estate help New York!" The easiest way to spot a bogus claim is by looking for the telephone number and address of that company. If they do not have a telephone number listed, and no address or just a PO Box listed on their site, chances are they are a fly-by-night outfit. No matter how professional the web site looks, do not be fooled. Some of these bogus companies even have a telephone number listed, but whenever you call all you ever get is an answering machine. We even noticed a company that owns several web sites, and is making it seem these web sites are owned by several different and competing companies, when in actuality, all the web sites are owned by the same individual! The lengths some of these people will go to...Finally, some of these companies that claim they can list websites in the top of search engines in a few days just for a small monthly, and sometimes even a weekly fee, are simply signing up people with pay-per-click search engines, and then putting unsuspecting people on a round-robin system, where the keywords would appear on search engines for only a few hours per week! Always do your homework before doing business with any company.

Q: I have noticed other web sites that are stating they have special contractual agreements with search engines, is this possible?
A: No search engine promotion company or search engine optimization/placement company has any type of special and/or exclusive agreement with search engines where they can place your web site higher than anyone else's web site. Other than having a pay-per-click relationship with a search engine such as Bing Advertising, which you can certainly sign-up for yourself directly with Bing Advertising, no company has any special connection or inside track with search engines. Please do not be misled by such statements.

Q: I am a webmaster, and have several client websites that need search engine promotion and optimization. Do I get any type of discounts or incentives?
A: Yes. We offer an affiliate program that allows you generous referral fees for every customer you submit to us. Please click here for more details in regards to our affiliate program.

Q: I am constantly making changes to my web site. Do I need to resubmit every time I make a change.
A: Through our First Page Ranker packages our programmers will monitor, review, and resubmit your website by hand to the search engines following proper search engine submission guidelines once every 30 days. You do not need to resubmit each time you make a change to your website.

Q: I need help in picking keywords for my site. Can you help me with that?
A: Yes we can! Please call us at 1.800.585.3222 or 1.818.246.8200 (Outside USA) to discuss your key phrases.

Q: I want my web site to be listed # 1 on all search engines. Can you do that?
A: Many of our customers are achieving # 1 rankings for their targeted key phrases as a result of our First Page Ranker service. Please click here for details on our First Page Ranker service. However, we can only guarantee top ten results (first page rankings).

Q: How much traffic will I get by promoting my site with you?
A: We are a search engine optimization company. We get your site to the first page. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how much traffic you will receive. It all depends on your offering and your targeted key phrases. You can get as little as 1 visitor to your site, or as many as 10,000 visitors per month!

Q: How often is my web site refreshed or re-indexed with the search engines?
A: Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, AOL Search, Ask and Bing may take as little as 4 weeks to as much as 16 weeks to re-index their databases, and thus approximately 4-16 weeks to refresh your web site. There is no way of precisely estimating the re-indexing periods of search engines.

Q: What is your ranking guarantee?
A: The more key phrases you have us optimize your website around, the better the minimum ranking guarantee that we offer. However, with our most basic First Page Ranker package, where we optimize your website around 8 key phrases, we guarantee first page ranking on at least three (3) major search engines, with a minimum of two (2) of the key phrases we optimize your site around. One of the major search engines must be either Yahoo! or Google. Please note that Bing currently powers Yahoo!. Also note, typically, we get approximately 80% of the key phrases we optimize a site around on the first page. If within a maximum of 16 weeks from the date of optimization, if your site has not met the above listed minimum ranking gurantee, you will get a full money-back refund.

Q: I have more than 1 web site that I would like to submit. How should I do that?
A: Once you place your initial order for your first website, you can place orders for additional accounts directly from your control panel. We even provide you with a rebate for each additional website you submit to us from your control panel!!!

Q: Once I place my order with what happens next? How does this work?
A: For our "First Page Ranker" search engine optimization packages, you will be asked to provide us with your list of key phrases. Once we receive your list of key phrases, a search engine optimization specialist will email you to go over your account and to request your written authorization to optimize your website.

Q: What are key phrases?
A: Key phrases are descriptive words that people are going to be typing in to search engines like Google and Yahoo to search for websites. Examples of key phrases are: "Lawyers Miami Beach" or "Los Angeles Real Estate."

Q: I will need an invoice from you. When will I receive an invoice?
A: You will be able to print out an invoice directly from your control panel. We will also issue you an invoice via email.

Q: Why should I use
A: We have been in business since November of 1994. We have worked on over 18,500 websites since our inception. We have extensive experience and are quite proficient and optimizing websites for higher search engine placement. We invite you to shop around and compare our prices, products, and services to those offered by other companies. You will notice, that we typically offer better service, better pricing, and have more experience than most in properly optimizing websites for search engines. In your comparison, you will also notice some companies have literally tried to imitate our web site. A lot of these companies that are trying to imitate us, do not even have a telephone number listed anywhere on their site. In some instances, they do not even have a physical address listed anywhere on their site. Typically, these are startup companies that do not have the technical know-how, nor the expertise in properly optimizing web sites for search engines. In the end, the choice is yours. However, we are confident that if you shop around you will eventually choose to professionally manage your search engine optimization needs. Would you trust your web site to a company that has been in business for a shorter period of time than you have owned your web site? Of Course not! If you had a bad experience with another search engine optimization company, simply contact them and ask for a refund. Then give us a call at 1.800.585.3222 or 1.818.246.8200 to discuss all your search engine optimization needs.
Q: What are your prices?
A: Click here for our prices.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: All fees for our search engine optimization services are yearly fees paid up-front. When you sign-up, you are signing up for an annual subscription. Although we will do everything we can to ensure your loyalty as a client year after year, you can stop the yearly renewal directly from your control panel anytime (or you can email us) before your account renews. Once your account renews, we render all search engine optimization services for another year. Of course, once we render services there is no refund or cancellation unless we do not meet our minimum-ranking guarantee.

Q: Do you accept non-credit card payments?
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept all debits cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo on them. We do not accept any other type of payments at this time.

Q: Do you offer a full money back guarantee?
A: Yes! Each our search engine optimization packages come with a minimum ranking guarantee or your full money back! Click on the "Learn More" link, then the "guaranteed" link on each of "First Page Ranker" packages noted on our homepage and our pricing page for details. In essence, the more key phrases you have us optimize your website around, the better the minimum ranking guarantee that we offer. Typically, we get 80% of the key phrases we optimize a site around on the first page of major search engines. Also, we typically get combinations of those key phrases on the first page of the search engines.
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