Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are a lot of search engine optimization companies nowadays. When we first started there were less than a handful of SEO companies. You now have every web developer in the world also claiming they do SEO, as they seem to think making a filename keyword rich, writing content that mentions the target keyword within the content and having basic meta tags like the title tag and description tag in place, will get a site to the first page of the major search engines. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case. Google has a huge staff of engineers that are constantly working on their search engine algorithm, as does Bing. These people are not just wasting time over there. They are coming up with clever ways to rank websites, and having keywords in the filename, in our textual content, and in your meta tags is a good first step, but it will unfortunately not get you to the first page.

If you want to learn what everyone out there that *thinks* they know SEO is doing, go to They teach you how to do SEO on your own. What is both sad, and disheartening is speaking to callers that had called our offices last year, call us still in search of the coveted first page rankings. Every such caller inevitably ended up on (or some other related site) and felt they can do SEO on their own; they don’t need to pay some professional to do it.

In business economics, it is very important to include the opportunity lost numbers in your calculations. How much money did you potentially lose by not being on the first page that entire time you were trying to SEO your own site? Folks, it is simply not worth it. Turn your site over to a professional SEO company. It doesn’t have to be us, of course we feel you will get a better deal and return on your investment if you go with us, by you don’t have to. Just turn your site over to a professional SEO company that has at least a decade of experience doing search engine optimization work. You can then focus on running they day-to-days of your business, while professionals are focusing on what they do best; search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization isn’t just on-site optimization work, or off-site optimization work like link building. It is how you optimize the site, it is how you build the links, how your word your content, how often you make updates, how many signals you send to your site from social media outlets. In all of those concerns, you must by completely worry about not exceeding certain thresholds. Too much content; boom your rankings are gone. Too many links; boom your search rankings are gone. Too many social media signals; and boom, months of SEO work down the tubes.

Why should you as a businessperson concern yourself with SEO matters? Just turn your SEO requirements over to an experienced, reputable search engine optimization company like, and let us handle SEO for you. We are completely confident you will love the results our SEO work delivers, just as thousands of our clients have since our inception in November of 1994.