Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing has the sole intention of getting traffic to a website by using social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and a slew of others.  Search engines like Google and Bing (which powers Yahoo!) take in to account the social media signals a website received in their search engine rankings algorithms.

Many people feel social media is for socializing. Well in theory that is true, but search engines lend their vote to the masses. In essence, if a large number of people went to your site from Facebook, because some social media marketing (SMM) company like wrote a nice blog or that blog was shared on social media outlets, then the search engines will count that “signal” towards your site’s score. Of course that score is not just comprised of one factor, search engines use approximately 135 factors to rank a website. Everything from your meta tags, your filenames, your textual content, your backlinks (very important), the matter in which you do all of the above, and of course your true social media score will all influence your rankings.

We had noticed something funny once we published the above, callers started asking us if they just go out and buy shares, and retweets will that help their search engine ranking? No, but it may hurt their search engine positioning… Here’s why, search engines know which Facebook and Twitter pages are real and which are fake. It is actually quite easy to code such a program. Think about it, do fake pages interact with other users? Hardly, they simply retweet or share other people’s material, or they post some garbage that no one interacts with. Even if someone did, they are not replying back. I bet some people feel they can work around that, but unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how your look at it, you cannot. Real people rarely follow fake accounts, as such even if a fake account decided to interact with others, a majority of those “others” would also be fake, as they would have hardly any real accounts following or befriending them. So as you can see, faking things is a terrible idea.

The best one can do to interact with social media is to write good content, and maintain their social media pages. We at will do content writing for you, post that content on your blog, and connect your blog to your social media pages. The only thing we typically ask the client to do, is if they receive a share, like or retweet to thank the individuals publically for their interaction. This will in turn encourage future social media interaction. We can certainly manage your entire social media environment for you, but in most cases, clients can save money by spending a few minutes a week interacting with their friends and followers. It also makes things more fun for you too.

You can certainly try to manage your social media marketing yourself, but it will cost you lots of time. If you would like to have a professional social media marketing company to help manage your social media promotion efforts, we ask that you let us handle your social media marketing (SMM) campaign for you. It is always a better solution to have a reputable, professional firm like handle your traffic building needs. Please complete the form above if you would like a free analysis and proposal.