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To: the team:

I must tell you guys that we are most pleased with your services! We are noticing that we truly are getting "first page" presence as promised and I would like to thank you for all your efforts! We will be spending more dollars on internet marketing with you in the future! The quality of the leads is the best that we have ever seen! We will be in contact in the New Year to double up on our site Optimization! Happy New Year to all of you!

Art Rhodes II
Louisville, Ky.
"A most satisfied Customer indeed"

I'm the webmaster for Register Everywhere was a bit of a leap in the dark for us, but after a lot of research, we moved forward and paid for their premium service. We were a little nervous about the money layed out, but to our delight, our rankings have been delivered as promised.

Google (the most important SE in my opinion) places us within the first 3 listings on the first page, for our keywords. Search engine optimization has never been easier.

I'm delighted with Register Everywhere's professionalism and customer service.


Warren Petersen

Your services are fantastic. I have used other services in the past and none have produced the results that you have in just a matter of weeks. Keep up the great work!

All the best,

Jim Casey
Fantasy Fibers

Hi Ron-

Thanks for all your help... Because of Register Everywhere we are number three and four on Google out of approximately 1/2 million sites. Our business has doubled due to the help from Register Everywhere Thanks so much!

Terry Fisher
Appraisal Group of America LLC

Ron, just a note of thanks to you personally and your staff for all your efforts to help RSI grow at a rate of 60 % annually! We had our monthly sales & marketing meeting yesterday and noticed that the rate of closures was dramatic indeed and all five of my regional sales managers replied that the majority of our lead base came from the internet, not the 6 trade shows annually or the multiple trade publications that we advertise in yearly! I have become convinced that your service brings the most to the table for RSI and we are taking note that has become a most valued partner to Rhodes Systems International, Inc. (RSI, INC.)

I thank you personally along with the entire staff at RSI for putting us on the map!

Art Rhodes II
1350 S. 15th Street
Louisville, Kentucky

All of the above are actual testimonials that we keep on file. We wish the above customers, and all of our other customers, the best of success. May God bless you all. We at Register Everywhere, Inc. fully recognize that if you succeed, we succeed!
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