Digital Advertising & Paid Social

If you need an experienced digital marketing professional to manage your Google, Meta, X, or Linked Ads, we can help. Advertising is likely never going to get cheaper, but we can help stretch you ad dollars. Effective advertising isn’t just about increasing your CTR or decreasing your CPC. It’s fundamentally about optimizing your ROAS to ensure each dollar invested yields maximum returns. Attaining this level of optimization requires meticulous testing and monitoring of your analytics. It involves fine-tuning not only your digital ads but also potentially updating your website’s design and copy to ensure a seamless and effective customer journey.



Targeted Email Marketing

As your competition intensifies, being proactive is essential to maintain your market share. An effective strategy to continuously boost sales is through targeted cold email marketing. We have access to over one billion comprehensive datasets, containing full names, email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers, categorized across hundreds of markets, including both B2B and B2C sectors. Following our initial consultation, we’ll determine if one of our lists align with your business goals and will deploy a campaign to potentially convert these leads into sales! Once we complete the testing phase to identify the right pitch, we will have built a lasting sales pipeline that will produce results for your business for many years to come.


Political Messaging

Register Everywhere, Inc is a boutique digital agency. Due to time and “bandwidth” constraints, we can only work with a limited number of clients. We tend to focus on U.S. based political organizations or key figures that have a clear messaging objective that they would like to achieve on various media to shape public opinion. Whether the message needs to be spread on social media platforms such as Facebook, X, YouTube, or TikTok, or if the objective is reputation management through influencers, we can deliver results. We create visually compelling and shareable videos for all social media platforms. We have worked with wealthy individuals, U.S. based government figures, political operatives, as well as educational institutions.  Please note, we can only work with U.S. Citizens. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Register Everywhere, Inc is one of the original search engine optimization companies in America. Our founder, Raffi Sosikian, started doing SEO with his first site called eps-usa.com in November of 1996. He then registered the domain RegisterEverywhere.com in 2002 and gave his full attention to organic search engine optimization. In over 25 years of search engine optimization is a lot has changed. There’s more emphasis now on local SEO, getting clicks, plus getting the right signals from social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X. Let us analyze your site and see if you have missed any easy opportunities to get more leads and sales. 


Website Design (Re-Design)

Many entrepreneurs don’t give much thought to their sites once they get it built. Websites are 24/7 sales  documents, and they must be treated as art – in other words – something that is never actually complete. There’s always room for improvement. In fact, Google’s algo takes into account various factors about a site, and not just if it’s mobile friendly or not, how clean the code is, and how much time people stay on your site vs. how long they stay on your competitor’s site. We can fix those issues. Moreover, we can introduce elements of scarcity marketing to your site that will likely increase your lead captures. We can also provide compelling short videos, strategically designed, high converting landing pages, and A/B test all of your copy. Let’s virtually meet and discuss the possibilities. 


Work Flow Automation

The founder of Register Everywhere, Inc, Raffi Sosikian, isn’t your typical coder. Sure, he’s a web and software developer, but he’s also a quant. What in the world is that you say? He’s a numbers guy, check out his other site PinnacleQuant.com. He has developed one of the leading automated trading systems for the NinjaTrader platform using quantitative and technical indicators. You want someone like him to work on your site, and to find ways to increase your bottom line, after all, business is just a numbers game. However, he can also help you automate a lot of the nitty gritty work that you’d rather not do yourself. Lots of little things can be assigned to a bot. He can save you time from all the repetitive stuff. 

Improve Your Bottom Line!

Many businesses for the sake of attempting to save a few thousands dollars, have missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. Historically, and statistically, most businesses fail over time. The ones who succeed keep innovating and optimizing every opportunity!

Process Optimization is Everything!

Imagine if Facebook went down or lost the volume of their visitors. You think it can’t happen? How about MySpace, and Friendster – it happened to them. What if what happened to Yahoo! happens to Google? You cannot build your entire house on someone else’s foundation. You have to develop many streams of income, and the most consistent way of reaching out to potential clients isn’t via ads, it’s via email. Let us deploy a process that is going to last a long time in continually generating sales for your business. 

Services We Provide

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Whether you're trying to increase conversions or shaping public opinion, we can craft the right videos and messaging to boost your bottom line.
Let us properly segment your captured emails and deploy our conversion optimized system to increase your bottom line.
Ideal for those those trying to get out particular messages on social media platforms such as YouTube, FB, X, and TikTok and shape public opinion.
Clean white-hat search engine optimization will improve our organic visits not just from Google, but if done right, to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages too.
Is there room to improve your site's conversion rate? Is your site keeping up with your competitors' sites? Let us deploy a strategically designed site to boost your bottom line.
Tired of sending follow-up emails? Tired of trying to get people to confirm meetings and appointments? Let us automate your processes to save you time and increase your revenues.

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About Us

Since November of 1996 RegisterEverywhere.com has provided over 17,500 clients organic Internet marketing, strategic website re-design, segmented/targeted email marketing, and search engine optimization services they need to get relevant traffic to a website that converts! RegisterEverywhere.com stands behind each and every customer, every step of the way! We want you to continue to do business with our firm, and we want our work to exceed your expectations so that we can earn referrals from you. If you succeed, we succeed!

After several years as a sole proprietorship, Register Everywhere was formally incorporated by Raffi Sosikian in 2003. Raffi is a highly proficient web and software developer. He calls himself a techprenuer having established various online businesses, including a search engine that he developed for which he was granted a patent by the USPTO. Raffi isn’t your typical coder. He says no techpreneur can survive unless they think like a markerter. Raffi has an MBA, holds a Series 3 license (he’s also a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and has developed several automated trading algorithms for the NinjaTrader platform), and has a passion for gardening.

Raffi and his wife Betty have two children, and they live in Los Angeles (Sherwood Forest), CA.

Client Testimonial

  • I must tell you guys that we are most pleased with your services! We are noticing that we truly are getting “first page” presence as promised and I would like to thank you for all your efforts! We will be spending more dollars on internet marketing with you in the future! The quality of the leads is the best that we have ever seen! We will be in contact in the New Year to double up on our site Optimization! Happy New Year to all of you!

    Art Rhodes II, Louisville, KY
    CEO, RSI, Inc - https://RhodesConveyors.com

If you’re not aiming for at least 2X last year’s returns, you’re leaving bread on the table for your competitor to eat. Let me deploy my services for you and bridge that gap. Let’s work together. If you succeed, we succeed! 

Raffi Sosikian, MBAPresident & Founder - Register Everywhere, Inc