SEO & Organic Traffic Affiliates

We are looking for active  independent sales professionals, and IT professionals like web developers, graphic designers, programmers, architects, project managers, computer repair specialists, and web hosting companies to join our private label SEO & organic traffic affiliate program.

We Offer 2 SEO & Traffic Building Affiliate Programs

1. Transparent Affiliate Program SEO Affiliate Program
Earn 50% commission of the first month’s billing, and 10% for each subsequent month’s billing, starting from your 6th referral. Our minimum monthly packages start at $500/month, so at a minimum you would pick-up $250 per referral that signs up! Starting from your 6th referral, you would get 50% of our first month’s billing, plus 10% of all subsequent month billings too! In this program we deal directly with the client, and the reporting that we do will bear our logo. Submit a transparent affiliate RFP.

Private Label SEO Affiliate Program2. Private Label Affiliate Program (white label Affiliate Program)
In the private label affiliate program, you are our client. We bill you for the services. You would be a value added reseller that adds whatever fair value added fee you deem necessary to your client, under your own private label. So if you get a private label proposal from us where we price our service at $550/month, you can resell our services to your client, under your own private label, at your own monthly rates. Depending on what value added service you perform for the client, you may be able to bill your client at $1,100 per month! Your client would never be told about us, and we would never contact your client in any way shape or form. Upon your request, we can even produce ranking reports for you, under YOUR logo and YOUR company information. You would be the intermediary between us and the client, except your client would not know about us, as our prices aren’t even published. Submit a private label Affiliate RFP

How The Transparent Affiliate Program Works
You identify the prospective client and see if they need SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), opt-in email marketing. You then collect information from your prospective client, and submit a transparent affiliate RFP (request for proposal). The type of information you will need to include in that RFP includes the website, the targeted key phrases, prospective client’s objectives etc.

We then prepare and email you and the prospective client our proposal, which of course includes our monthly fee. If the prospective client accepts, you get 50% of what we bill for the first month for the first 5 referrals. Starting on the 6th referral, you get 50% of what we bill for the first month, plus 10% of everything we collect from the client for each subsequent month.

We currently have approximately 400 affiliates who prefer this program, as they do not wish to do any client hand-holding, they simply want to sell our services.

All payments are made via PayPal 7 working days after we collect our payment from the client. As such, please ensure the email address you provide us is connected to your PayPal account. It is free to set-up a PayPal account if you do not have one already.

How the Private Label Affiliate Program Works
You are our client in the private label affiliate program. We bill you each month. Your role here would be one of a value added reseller of our services. You would handle all your client inquiries, explain all details to your client and do all the hand-holding if you will.

In the private label affiliate program, you submit a private label RFP, but this time you provide all of your information, except for the website address, key phrases etc. All of the contact information you provide is YOUR contact information, yet all of the website details are your prospective client’s information. Once we get our proposal to you, which in a majority of cases is priced well below current market prices, you can turn around and resell our services to your prospective client, under your own private label, as you will be adding value to our proposal by doing all the hand-holding, responding to inquiries etc. We do not get involved at all. We never contact your client, and never reach out to that in any fashion.

For example, if we can offer our services for $550 per month, you may be able to resell our services for $1,100 per month, depending on what value added services you will be performing for the client.

Both affiliate options, transparent or private label affiliate program, are available to you, once you become a Register Everywhere, Inc affiliate by applying to become an affiliate (it’s free). 

Once your affiliate application has been approved, you simply come back to this page (please bookmark this page), and submit either a transparent affiliate RFP or a private label RFP. Each proposal we prepare is custom made, so yes, you will need to submit a new RFP each time.

For affiliates that joined prior to 09/01/2013