Automated Search Engine Optimization Penalties (Black Hat vs. White Hat) getfreequote

There are hundreds of thousands of search engine optimization companies. You probably knew that already just by observing all of the email spam and telemarketing sales pitches you receive from these so-called SEO companies on a near daily basis! So how can you determine who does good SEO work and who is going to get your site penalized!

The answer is simple; manual search engine optimization vs. automated search engine optimization.

If you hired some foreign company to build thousands of backlinks for you from blogs, forums, and articles, then there is a *very* high likelihood that somewhere down the line your site is going to be hit with a penalty.

If you hired a company that promised to build you link wheels, link pyramids, 3-way links using thousands of web 2.0 links or social bookmarks, then there is a *very* high likelihood your site is going to be penalized down the line. In case you are wondering why Google would penalize a website that you own, well it is their search engine! They would rather not have a site appear on the first page of their search results when that site got there by using automated SEO software, which plastered unsuspected blogs and forums with irrelevant links pointing back to your site. Moreover, using such companies or any automated SEO software is against Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Finally, if you went and hired a generalist to do your SEO, then once again you have a *very* high likelihood of getting penalized, as generalists are not SEO specialists. So they are going to go out to black hat forums and do research on how to get you links, and they too are going to fall in the same trap, and get you penalized. Please forgive this crude analogy, but would it be wise to go to your family doctor and ask him or her to do brain surgery on you or someone you love? Of course not! You would go to a neurosurgeon, who specializes in brain surgeries. It is the same in our industry. Do not go to a generalist who can build you a website, do your company’s logo, print your business cards, do your email marketing, set-up your networking, and repair your computer, as they are jack of all trades, masters of none!

When you need proper search engine optimization, you need to go to a company that specializes in search engine optimization that has at least 10 years of experience handling thousands of websites. That is why over 400 web developers refer their clients to when it comes to SEO!

When it comes to black hat SEO, i.e. using automated SEO software, or using backlinks coming from forums, articles, blogs, and even press releases that don’t have the rel=”nofollow” tag, expect to get dinged by Google at some point down the line. If you want to get consistent traffic from search engines, then stick to white hat methods of SEO.