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At some point or another, every affiliate learns that there is a huge difference in promoting and marketing the right product or services vs. the wrong product or service. This is when affiliates set out to find the best paying affiliate programs. In the end, the affiliate wants to maximize their profits while minimizing their work! This is where comes in. We offer one of the best paying affiliate programs available in the SEO market. We work with nearly 400 affiliates that are mostly web developers, graphic designers, web hosting companies, and computer repair technicians. They simply pass a referral on to us. We do a custom proposal for their referral, and if their referral accepts, we get our affiliates 50% of our first month’s payment!

One of our recent affiliates received a $980 payment from us for their referral. He said that was the easiest $980 he ever made. It really is that easy! You just have to make a referral to us and we will take care of the rest. We typically convert one in three referrals to a customer. We have excellent affiliate training program too.

If you have any clients that need honest, ethical search engine optimization (SEO), sign-up for our best paying affiliate program, and let us take care of the rest.  

Our Best Paying Affiliate Programs Facts:

  • 100% Free to join, no obligations.
  • No minimum affiliate payout; affiliate is paid within 7 days of us collecting payment from the client.
  • All payments are made via PayPal.
  • Generous 50% of the first month payment collected from client affiliate referred.
  • We pay another 10% of subsequent months payments collected from clients affiliate referred, starting from the 6th client the affiliate refers (the first 5 are paid 50% of first month payment collected from the affiliate’s client only).
  • Our minimum billing begins at $500 per month, so the least amount an affiliate would get for referring a paying client to us is $250.