Free Search Engine Optimization Tips by Google

Free Search Engine Optimization Tips by Google free search engine optimization tips

Yes, your read that right! Not only are you going to get free search engine optimization tips, but you are going to get free search engine optimization tips from Google! Technically they are calling it a “review,” but whatever they say can generally only help your search engine optimization efforts. I know that sounds great, but don’t expect a free thorough analysis from them that will shoot your site to the first page of Google, as that is not a realistic expectation. However, if you ever wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth, this is your opportunity to get a Googler, particlarly someone from Google’s Webmaster team,  to take a look at your site, and of course your backlinks to see what is really going on with your site.

Now, if you have done any black-hat search engine optimization, or have at any time in the past several years obtained questionable links from blogs, forums, article submission directories, link exchanges, even press releases, you may be surprised to find that Google may penalize your site for such links. I know that is hard for some people to accept. How could a link hurt your site? Simple, that links is deemed as a “spammy” link by Google, and they can filter out your site quite easily. So, if you have done any type of questionable link building in the past where you had pointed links to your site from blogs, forums, link exchanges, articles, or press releases, you may want to delete ALL of those links BEFORE you go to Google asking them to check your site. We can’t know for sure how they will treat your site if they find questionable backlinks, but they may penalize your site until such time you delete those links or add nofollow tags to them. Also, even if you delete any questionable links or add nofollow tags to them, you still need to wait for that penalty/filtration to get dropped.

If you decide you would like to participate for this event, it will be held on Monday, 11/18/13, at the Google office-hours hangout. You can see John Mueller’s post about this on his Google Plus page. This is very cool offer from Google, as other search engines don’t offer that kind of courtesy, so show Google some love if you decide to partake in their offer.

Since the Hummingbird algorithm update from Google, lots of site owners have noticed their rankings are no longer on the organic first page search results of Google. In most cases, those sites have questionable backlinks pointing to their sites. Even if you or someone on your end had pointed those links to your site 10 years ago, Google may still count them against you. It is best that you remove all such links and contact us for further analysis and white-hat search engine optimization. In the meantime, while your site’s rankings are gone, you may consider advertising on Google AdWords. Contact your Google AdWords rep for help on setting up an AdWords accounts if you don’t already have one.

Happy search engine optimizing!