Get TrustOne of the most hotly debated issues in the SEO community is what matters more; good content or good backlinks. At we have long proven it is a combination of both + trust. This article isn’t going to cover good content or good backlinks; rather it is going to focus on the trust factor.

Here’s how to get Google to trust your site:

1) Verify your site in Google’s Webmaster Tools. This is obvious, but there are still webmasters who haven’t done that, as they don’t trust Google.

2) Install Google Analytics. Some argue that doesn’t help much, we agree, but it does help a little bit, and every little bit counts.

3) Have a good sitemap.xml file and submit that file to Google in Google’s Webmaster Tools.

4) Ensure that you do not have privacy enabled on your domain name. If you can’t remember whether you added privacy to your domain, contact your domain name registrar and find out.

5) Register your domain name for at least two years. In fact, ten years would be a bit better, but two years will suffice.

6) Use a dedicated IP address. This is another one of those hot topics in the SEO community. Many say you do not need a dedicated IP address. Although in theory that is true, sites that do have a dedicated IP address perform better in the search engine rankings.

7) Use a dedicated server. Sure a shared hosting account is cheap and it will work, for now, but sites that use a dedicated server rank better than site’s that don’t when all other things are equal. Moreover, if your site is slow or is often down, your search engine rankings will pay a price for it.

8) Don’t block Google from seeing code. Some webmasters block Google (and other bots) from accessing their JavaScript or their CSS. That is a big no-no. Don’t let Google think you are doing something shady, like cloaking with your code.

9) Make sure there is some content towards the top of your site. This is a bit hard to explain to callers when they call us for SEO quotes. When a site has a huge image, and you are forced to scroll down below the fold to see the text, bots, particularly Google, don’t like it. The reasoning behind that is bad SEO companies tend to use a huge “click me” image and load a bunch of gibberish content underneath the image for SEO purposes.

10) Don’t use tiny text or hard to see font colors. If you have a white background and you use beige font color for your text, it may seem to Google that you are trying to camouflage the text. The same reasoning is applied to tiny text sizes. If you use font sizes 1-8 it may look like you are trying to hide spammy SEO content.

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