Google Had Experimented with No Linkage Data

Many in the SEO community had often wondered what would happen to SERPs if Google were to one day get rid of linkage data. In other words, what would happen if all the backlinks SEO companies get you were to be discounted by Google. Will spam disappear? Will rankings be horrific? Well, Google’s Matt Cutts answered that question on his most recent YouTube video where he stated Google had privately experimented with SERPs that relied on no linage data, and the results were “much much worse.”

See the video here:

As you can imagine, there are lots of SEO companies that sill deploy blackhat backlinks, you know the type they generate from blackhat software where they spam blogs, forums, and spin countless, two and three way links coming in from social medial outlets, social bookmarks, and fake press releases. All of those methods have already been addressed by Google, and they each will get your site penalized on Google. So save your money (and your website) and stay FAR away from such SEO Companies.

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