How Google’s Pigeon Algorithm Update May Impact Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings

If you own a site, or you do a lot of “near me” searches like  “Starbucks near me,”  Local SEOyou may have noticed a slight change in the rankings. Google recently confirmed that they have made an update to their Pigeon algorithm in order to provide searchers a more relevant local search result.

As usual, Google relies on hundreds of ranking signals to rank websites. The days of having a good title tag, and keyword rich content are long gone. Nowadays, if you have poor content;  lots of spelling mistakes, or content that is too “sales pitchy,” or copy that’s not unique, you may see your site rankings suffer for it.

Back in the day blackhat SEO companies heavily relied on article spinners that would essentially grab known articles and do synonym word replacements. Of course we at Register Everywhere were always against that method of gaming search engines, as it is not a long lasting solution and more importantly it is clearly against Google’s webmaster guidelines.

If you know your site has poor content, and your rankings are suffering, you may consider removing your old content, and replacing it with copy that is unique and compelling. You want your site’s visitors to stay on your site, and bookmark it. However, poor rankings are not necessarily related to content issues. You could have issues with the site itself, or you could be having issues with your site’s backlinks.

If you had previously hired an SEO company, they may still have poor or spammy links pointing to your site. For examples, if your SEO company had links pointing to your site from forums, blogs, Web 2.0 site, and/or articles you may have a penalty against your site. Moreover, if your search engine optimization company had purchased Facebook like or Twitter retweets, you may again have a penalty against your site. Finally, if your SEO company had uses excessive links within your press releases (a significant number of press releases) then you may have a penalty against your site.

We speak to people on the phone who tell us their nightmare stories trying to recover their lost rankings. Doing SEO yourself is generally not a good idea. Reading books on how to do SEO, or visiting sites like may seem like this is easy work. Rest assured, it isn’t. SEO is all about subtlety. Most spend months working on SEO, then wait months more hoping for results, only to find their sites caught up in some sort of filtration or penalty. It is counterproductive to save $500 at the cost of generating $5,000.

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