Google’s John Mueller Says Most Web 2.0 Links Get Ignored Say No to Web 2.0 Links

If you have hired an SEO company that pitched you on an idea of getting backlinks from Web 2.0 sites like Pinterest, YouTube and others, you hopefully didn’t burn your money on such SEO gimmicks, as John Mueller of Google specifically stated today on Google’s webmaster help board that they mostly ignore Web 2.0 links; he specifically mentioned YouTube (a Google property), Pinterest, and “article.” For the last item “article,” we believe he meant article directories and articles in general. 

Let’s not forget that YouTube and others already have a nofollow tag in place. However, if you owned a system that was being massively abused for backlink purposes, would you penalize those who were abusing it? It is important to note that he also mentioned you can disavow Web 2.0 links in WMT.

We at have long warned our readers and clients NOT to use Web 2.0 links, and NOT to use excessive blog, forum, article, and press release backlinks, as they are all counterproductive.

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