Highest Paying Affiliate Programs Highest Paying Affiliate Program

If you are looking for the highest paying affiliate programs, that have been tested and have a track record, then you have found the right site. From all of the wonderful highest paying affiliate programs that we analyzed, we not only offer one of the best affiliate programs that pays out the most, but we pay out affiliates faster and better than most too.

Our affiliate program offers generous 50% affiliate payouts, which is very high in percentage paid, but it is also higher in dollar amount too. The minimum an affiliate can earn by simply referring a paying client to us is $250, and there is no reserve! We pay within 7 working days of the time we collect the payment.

Here is how our affiliate program works:

1) You submit a RFP (request for proposal) for any of our organic Internet marketing offerings like:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SMM(social media marketing)
  • Opt-in email marketing
  • Blog development
  • Content Writing

2) We analyze your request, and prepare a custom proposal.

3) We email the perspective client, and you, the proposal we prepared.

4) If the perspective client accepts our proposal, within 7 working days, we send you 50% of the first month payment that we collected from the client.

5) We use PayPal to submit and track all affiliate payments.

Why the highest affiliate paying program?

We don’t stop at 50%! To truly become one of the highest affiliate payment programs in the USA, we also payout 10% of each subsequent month’s payments we collect from clients; as long as you have made at least 5 referrals to us that have signed up. Meaning, for the first 5 referrals that you make that end up becoming RegisterEverywhere.com clients, you get only 50% of the first month’s payment that we collect, but starting from the 6 referral that sign-up you get 50% commission + 10% commission from the LIFE of that client, as long as they remain active clients in the RegisterEverywhere.com system.

Highest Paying Affiliate Program Facts:

  • Free to join our affiliate network
  • No minimum affiliate payout
  • All payments are made via PayPal
  • Generous 50% of the first month payment collected from client affiliate referred
  • Add 10% of subsequent months payments collected from clients affiliate referred, starting from the 6th client the affiliate refers (the first 5 are paid 50% of first month payment collected from the affiliate’s client only).
  • Our minimum billing begins at $500 per month. So the least an affiliate would get for referring a paying client to us is $250.

You can apply to become an affiliate here.