How to Grow Your Organic Search Engine Traffic in Any Google Algorithm Get Free Analysis and QuoteUpdate

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a mix of activity. When you reach that perfect consistent balance of on-site optimization and off-site optimization, then add to that by constantly keeping your site fresh with new textual content (blogging), and get active with social media, search engine traffic will explode on your site, and your Google Analytics will see a huge spike in the charts!

In case you’re wondering, social media plays the part of getting more eyeballs to your site. In essence, each time you add new content on your site, share it on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus. The longer the visitors stay, the more they bookmark your site (which is a complete numbers game), the better your natural search engine rankings will do. can take out all the heavy lifting and do the SEO work for you. We are search engine optimization experts as does nothing but search engine optimization! In addition, we are an invaluable resource to you on reverse engineering what your competitors are doing, and outranking them in the search results!  One thing to remember is that there are lots of pitfalls on your way up the first page of the SERPs. There are literally tens of thousands of link sellers that will promise tens of thousands of backlinks to your site. No matter what you do, you must never engage such link sellers! Never! Avoid getting links from blogs, forums, social 2.0 sites, and articles, they will ultimately get your site penalized!

People nowadays have a complete misconception about what it takes to get to the first page of search engines like Google. I have seen people insist that it is only about good content, that nothing else matters. A caller once gave me his URL, and told me to take a look. He must have paid foreign content writers bucko bucks to write the thousands of pages of content they added to his site. Yet, he sounded totally defeated on the telephone. He said he was sure writing lots of content will drive traffic to his site, yet somehow, that didn’t work. He was getting 10-15 unique visitors per month! He finally gave up and called us for professional help.

Another caller insisted that article links, blog links, and forum links is what it takes to get to the first page. That he had seen another site do just that, so he was going to do the same things. He called us back four months later; we Googled his site and it didn’t come up on the first page for his own name! Yes, he was surely penalized.  Do not use any blogs, forums or articles for link building. Although we have never used such methods, those methods used to work many moons ago, they are counter-productive now.

Another caller boldly stated why should he pay Register Everywhere when there is cheap automated software readily available that can gather links. He called us back too, asking if we can help him in removing the penalties Google had levied against his site. Whenever you come across software that automated SEO, avoid it at all cost. Even if that automated software (blackhat) maker is going to pay you to use it!

Another caller said his web guy who had fixed his computer and hooked up his wireless router, also does SEO, and he does it for really cheap too. So he was going to try him our first, then give us a call if it didn’t work out with his web guy. Jack of all trades, master of none! It didn’t work out with his web guy, because he gave us a call. The only thing he lost was the SEO fee he paid he web guy, and of course 6 months of potential income, as all those sales calls went to his competitor’s sites, which were on the first page of search results. His web guy had told him to wait 6 months. Folks, it doesn’t take 6 months nowadays.  I have seen sites, particularly older sites; hit the first page in a week, although newer sites can take a maximum of 4 months (they typically take 2 months) as the search engine go through data refreshes (very different than algorithm updates).

If you are still reading this, please take this away from this write-up – build your site, make it as useful as you can, then call search engine optimization experts like, as we’ve been doing SEO for almost two decades! Let us worry about your site’s SEO. You worry about meeting customer demand that we drive to your site!