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Since 09/26/13 many webmasters and site owners have noticed a significantly decline in rankings. So our office phone calls have been lit up by people who are calling wanting to find out why they lost their first page rankings.

How Hummingbird Destroyed Blackhat Google SEO

If you or your SEO company used any blackhat linking methods you probably lost your prominently rankings on Google. Depending on the severity of the blackhat method, your site may be penalized. For example, if you search for your own company name and find your site on pages 4 though 6, your site is penalized. However, if you just see your site rankings lower for a particular key phrases, it is part of the dampening effect of the Hummingbird algorithm by Google.

What Constitutes Blackhat Backlinks

Here are just some of the ways you can get your site penalized in Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm:

  • Buying Blog Links
  • Buying Forum Links
  • Buying Article Links
  • Buying Press Release Links (without nofollow tags)
  • Link Exchanges
  • Buying Likes or Shares
  • Link Schemes (trading something to get a link back from another site)

Of course penalties don’t end with bad linking methodologies. You can have duplicate content and be hit with a penalty. You can have hidden textual content, even if that hidden textual content was unintentional and you get hit with a penalty. You can have a WordPress site that was hacked and some evil htaccess file will be secretly re-directing traffic to their site pill and supplement sites; commonly known as cloaking. There are lots of ways to get a site penalized, so be careful who you trust to do your SEO work for you. We at only do white-hat SEO following the webmaster guidelines provided by Google. So if you would like to get a quote or discuss your project, let us know.

How to Remove SEO Penalties on Google (Hummingbird)

The concept is simple, but you will have your work cut out for you. First, contact the SEO company or link sellers you used that got your site penalized. If your SEO Company had mentioned anything about blogs, forums, articles, press releases, Web 2.0 links, or social bookmarking methodologies, then chances are they got your site penalized for you. So contact them and have them drop those links. Some of these unscrupulous SEO companies will actually charge you a fee to drop all the bad links they got for you, which got your site penalized in the first place. They get you coming and going. So again, be careful who you trust doing your SEO work for you.

Assuming you have dropped those links, fill out a reconsideration request, and explain truthfully what transpired. Then wait. If you get a rejection letter from Google, don’t immediately file another reconsideration request. Instead, keep removing backlinks and fixing any other issues you may have, wait a few weeks, then file a second reconsideration request. Otherwise, if you file a second reconsideration request too quickly, Google will just ignore you.

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