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How to Improve Search Engine Rankings improve search engine ranking

Let’s face it, most people are not really concerned with all search engines when it comes to ranking improvement. They primarily care about Google, and a bit about Bing and Yahoo! Of course the latter two do account for close to one-third of all search engine traffic.

Since Google released Hummingbird, the Internet has been humming with buzz. Sorry, sorry. Yes, Hummingbird changed everything when it comes to SERPs on Google. All those links your so-called SEO company got for you by spamming forums, blogs, and press releases (yes, press releases) are now counter-productive or at best, completely ignored.

People always get irate when they find out press releases are harmful. I should explain further. Not all press releases. If your company does a press release per quarter and you have one outgoing links that is not a keyword, you are perfectly fine. However, there are lots and lots of SEO companies (okay they became an SEO Company almost over night when they read a few articles on Moz) that went out and obtained tons of links from press releases by using totally bogus content by some PhD or M.D. or even some professor who did some research about X,Y,Z and then at the bottom of the press release they would add the “About” section. That is where they do all their link stuffing. Google engineers don’t make a ton of money to just sit there! It is there job to find this kind of link spam, and when they do, they penalize, as they should.¬†

So, how can you increase your search engine rankings in this environment? Stop trying to do it yourself, stop hiring the cheapest SEO company or some foreign company to do your SEO, and hire an American SEO company that has over 15 years of experience in doing proper, clean and white-hat SEO instead. Yes, hire us! You will get MORE than what you pay for, as here at, we will do everything we can to increase your search engine rankings following all webmaster guidelines provided by Google, and we have been doing SEO (search engine optimization) for a very long time, so we are quite proficient at it.