Why It’s Imperative to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly Make Website Mobile Friendly

As your probably know, Google has made it abundantly clear that websites MUST be mobile friendly for them to get listed on Google’s mobile search results. They do not want to see small text, or links that are too close to each other, or any site where you need to scroll left and right to read the text. To Google’s credit, they have made it really easy for you to check if your site is
mobile friendly or not. You can check your site’s mobile readiness (or the lack thereof) by clicking the below link from Google:


If your site passes, great! If not, don’t waste another minute! Now, we have been getting bombarded as of late from clients who are receiving spam emails from so-called web developers wanting to charge THOUSANDS of dollars to make a site mobile friendly. First of all, please ignore any spam emails you receive. Secondly, why pay thousands of dollars to make a site mobile friendly, when we can do that for you for a one-time flat fee of only $299? Plus, you will have a SEO company ensuring your site is not just mobile friendly, but SEO ready too. Moreover, we will provide you with a control panel where you can change colors, font sizes etc.

It is also important to remember that if your site has fairly decent rankings, changing your site’s file names in most cases will cause a drop off in your rankings. Sure, there are ways you can keep the rankings from dropping off too badly by doing a one-to-one 301 redirect from the old page to the new page, but you still take the chance that something may go wrong. Why risk it? Keep your old site as it is, simply add mobile functionality on top of it by using our mobile conversion service. This way you will get to keep all your file names and the desktop version of your website unchanged. We will even manage the web hosting of your mobile site for a nominal monthly fee.

Want to know what the mobile version of your site will look like? Give us your domain name and contact details here, and we will email you a URL that you can visit on your mobile phone and see what your mobile converted website will look like. Moreover, your mobile friendly site will work on approximately 16,000 devices, including tablets like the iPad.

Why Choose RegisterEverywhere.com to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly?

  • As a SEO company we can ensure your site is not just mobile friendly, but SEO friendly too
  • Your site will load 8 times faster than average sites
  • We take care of the entire mobile conversion process
  • The mobile version of your site will be hosted in the cloud
  • We offer over 30 mobile features including a variety of social media tools
  • Touch-Friendly user interface (UI) with clear navigation
  • You can save hundreds, and in some cases thousands of dollars by opting for our mobile conversion solution
  • 30-day free trial on a private domain where we will show you what the mobile version of your site will look like before you buy, as well as make point-and-click easy edits to the site if you so wish.
  • We offer unlimited support

In addition to setting up your mobile friendly site, here are some key features we offer: 

Lead Conversion
 ClicktoCall_Mobile_Conversion Click-to-Call Customers can contact your business from anywhere within the site with one click – Multiple Click-to-call features supported.  
QR Code Generate QR Codes or marketing flyers with one click and allow customers a quick entry point to any page on the mobile site.
 MobileCommerce_Mobile_Conversion Mobile Commerce Create a shopping cart of products enabling your customers to purchase directly from their phone.  GoogleMaps_Mobile_Conversion Location Based Directions Customers can find your business with one click Google maps and directions including time and distance – Multiple locations supported.
 Check-in_Services_Mobile Check-In Services Connect to location based services such as Google Places, yelp, Foursquare, Facebook Places.  Mobile_Contact_Forms Contact Forms With one click add ready-made template forms to your mobile site.
 Business_Dynamic_Opening_Hours Opening Hours Dynamic opening hours functionality telling your customers when your business is open.  MobileCoup Coupons Create Special Offers and redeemable coupons.  Multiple coupons supported.
 Share_Mobile Share Content on Social Media Allow your customers to easily share site content via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS (text message) with one click.  BookReservations_Mobile Reservations Allow customers to conveniently make reservations directly from the mobile site.
 MobileAdvertising Mobile Advertising Add mobile ads and generate revenue from your mobile site.  CustomForms_Mobile Custom Forms Create custom forms to suit the specific needs of the business. Multiple forms supported.
 Smartphone_Mobile Smartphone Bookmark Add a Smartphone bookmark icon and enable customers to easily return to your mobile site from their device home screen.  Calendar Event Calendar Display your events from your Google calendar on your mobile site, content automatically updates.


Customer Engagement
 Mobile_Optimized_Content Mobile Optimized Prioritized content, quick load time, Click-to-call  Mobile_Video Multimedia Automatically converts and optimizes video content. Multiple videos supported.
 GoogleMyBusiness Google+Display content from your Google+ page.  Content is automatically updated.  RSS_Mobile_Site RSS Quickly and easily Import news, blog and event calendar. Content automatically updates
 FB_Mobile Facebook Display content from your Facebook page on your mobile site, content is automatically updated.  Twitter_Mobile Twitter Display your tweets on your mobile site, content is automatically updated.
 Site_Translation_Mobile Site Translation Allow customers to translate the site content into 30+ languages.  Reviews_Mobile Reviews/Testimonials Let your customers read business reviews/ testimonials. Automatically updates.
 Image_Gallery_Mobile-Site Image Gallery Display images from an existing gallery or create a custom one. Images are optimized for each device.  Additional_Pages_Mobile_Site Add Unlimited Pages Add unlimited custom pages to highlight additional content.
 Custom_Mobile_Menu Menu Add a custom menu or display a menu that is already online.  24_7_Support  24/7 Control Panel Access We will provide you with unlimited access to your site, so you can make any updates or edits to it. We also provide you 24/7 email support. 
 Custom_Analytics Custom Analytics Track visitors, devices they use, where they went on the site, and much more  3rd_Party_Analytics 3rd Party Analytics Add Google Analytics or Statcounter analytics in one simple step
 Mobile_Site_SEO Advanced SEO Add unique keywords to each page of your mobile site to increase search engine visibility.  Fast_Loading_Pages Fast Loading Pages Your pages will load 8 times faster than the average website on mobile phones.
 Multiple_Templates Multiple Templates Multiple templates and icons sets that you can use to further to customize the site look and feel.  Custom_Icons Upload Custom Icons Upload custom icons to each feature for a unique look and feel.

Mobile Website Conversion Examples:


Restaurant Bar

Wedding site

 Florist_Mobile_Conversion_Example  Restaurant_Mobile_Conversion_Example  Bar_Mobile_Site_Conversion_Example  Wedding_Site_Mobile_Conversion_Example2
Restaurant Coffee Shop Spa Winery
 Mobile_Site_Conversion_Restaurant_Example  Coffee_Shop_Mobile_Conversion_Example2  Spa_Mobile_Conversion_Example  Winery_Site_Mobile_Conversion_Example