How to Choose the Best Medical Search Engine Optimization Company medical seo company

We here at do SEO (search engine optimization) for lots of medical sites. Our clients include everything from hand surgeons to plastic surgeons. Not to mention the various laser treatment offerings like laser hair, tattoo, and hemorrhoid removal. We do SEO for all sorts of dentists as well. Some focus their targeted keywords on cosmetic dentistry, others are in markets that require a broader patient base so they focus on general dentistry.

Over 55% of the cases we take on, the client is coming to us from another SEO company. The first thing we do is comb through the site, and the backlinks to see what the previous SEO company had done well, and what they may have done that inadvertently caused their client’s rankings to tank; the reason why their client left them and joined us instead.

I always tell callers that the road to Internet conversions is littered with good intentions. The reason I say that is because many SEO companies think that if they get tens of thousands of links to point to their client’s site, then top rankings will follow. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. Not only does aggressive backlink building not work, but in today’s Google algorithm, that type of aggressive backlink building will get that site penalized.

If you are considering hiring a medical search engine optimization company for your site, let me give you some questions you can ask them, before you make your decision on which medical SEO company you should hire:

1) How long have they been in business? If they say less than 10 years, walk away.

2) Where do they get their links? If they say articles, blogs, press releases, Web 2.0 sites, and/or forums, then don’t walk away, RUN AWAY, as those types of links will get your site blacklisted. You may end up not coming up for a search for your own name!

3) Ask them if they will require you to host with them. If they say yes, walk away. You don’t want your site to be held hostage if the relationship falls apart.

4) Ask them if they outsource any of their work. If they say they outsource any part of their SEO work, walk away.

5) Ask them if they use any software to do their SEO. If they say yes, walk away.

6) Ask them if they have ever heard of the Hummingbird algorithm, and if they can explain what that is? If they haven’t heard of it or if they can’t explain how it works, then walk away.

7) Ask them if they attend any SEO conferences. If they say no, walk away. You wouldn’t go to a doctor that refuses to read a medical journal.

8) Ask them if they have ever heard of Matt Cutts. If they say no, walk away. Matt Cutts is the head of the web spam team at Google. He is a very important individual when it comes to SEO.

9) Ask them if their SEO company does any telemarketing. If they say yes, walk away. That’s just a pet peeve of mine. If they have to do telemarketing, it tells me they cannot rank their own sites, and they cannot get organic search engine traffic for themselves. How are they going to help your site’s rankings?

10) Ask them where their site ranks for general SEO industry keywords like search engine placement, first page ranking, search engine optimization services, or search engine promotion etc. If they say their rankings aren’t that great, then this one is obvious, simply walk away.

So if you are in the medical field, and need a good medical search engine optimization company to handle your SEO, shop around, but make your last call. Let us get a proposal in your hands, and you decide if you would like to have us drive targeted organic traffic to your site, or if you would trust someone else to do it. Should you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-585-3222 option 1. We look forward to getting your site ranked prominently, above your competitors!