Organic Search Engine Optimization

organic search engine optimizationIs there an inorganic version of search engine optimization that we have an organic search engine optimization entry in our blog? The short answer is yes!

First let us discuss inorganic search engine optimization. This is when you get a bunch of links from blogs, forums, articles submission directories (or articles) and press releases to point back to your site. Whether you use blackhat software or your hire a so-called SEO company to build these inorganic links, you have practiced inorganic search engine optimization (SEO).

So then how does one do organic search engine optimization? That is easy, build a great website, write useful content that human beings, not robots, can benefit from. Sure you can get links from well established sites, just make sure they are not hundreds of thousands of links. A few good links beat thousands of bad links any day.

In the end it is in human nature not to pay for something until you absolutely have to. We tell folks all the time that call our office, please don’t try to do SEO yourself, in the end, you may end up getting your site penalized by Google, just like the folks who practived inorganic search engine optimization.

Instead pay a professional search engine optimization company like to handle the organic SEO portion of your site, while you worry about running your business.  We get people all the time on the phones that tell us, they want to try first. Three months passes, they call us and say they are now ready to take the plunge; we look at the site and reject their request. Why, because they already penalized. Why take the risk, just give us a call at 1-800-585-3222 and let us take care of all your search engine optimization needs.