Matt Cutts at Pub Con
        Image credit to: @aknecht

On the morning of 10/23/13, Matt Cutts gave a speech at Pubcon where he highlighted what Google search has in store. For those of us that are search engine optimization buffs, when Matt Cutts speaks we must listen. Here are some of the search engine optimization topics Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web Spam team covered:

Hummingbird: As many of your know already, Hummingbird has been officially running Google search engine results since 9/26/13. Hummingbird, has affected 90% of all searches thus far! That is a huge number. Hummingbird can detect spam better than any of its predecessors; it is far more intelligent than its previous predecessors. For example, Hummingbird can do way with unnecessary parts of searches and focus on the core meaning of key phrases and content.  

Panda Softening: Matt said Google will be take it a bit easier on Panda, so some penalized websites will start to reappear in SERPs.

Authorship: Google will be far more selective about who it displays as author in Google SERPs, so that was clearly aimed at search engine optimization folks that were spamming Google.

Penguin 2.1: Mission – destroy blackhat SEO. Okay, that was from us, but Matt Cutts isn’t kidding when he says they are going to turn up the heat against blackhat SEOers. So if you have been hanging out at Blackhat forums, and you are looking for ways to skimp out on actual search engine optimization, by hiring a decent search engine optimization company that will manually do the work of PROPRER search engine optimization for you, and instead are looking for automated software solutions, watch out! You will not like where you end up in the SERPs.

Porn and Payday Loan Sites: You will be getting hit harder if you do any spammy search engine optimization (SEO).

Advertorial Link Spam: If you are doing editorial advertising where the link that is pointing back to your site has a follow tag, you may get a penalty. So all those online magazines that are still heavily selling ad space and are not using the coveted rel=nofollow tag, watch out, you may get your site and your client’s sites penalized.

So to wrap it up, the best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to online marketing or a subset of that, search engine optimization (SEO) hire a professional, reputable and ETHICAL search engine optimization company (like to do your search engine optimization work for you. That is the best search engine optimization tip we have at this time. The reason for that is many will opt to save money by either:

A)     Try to do search engine optimization themselves, which in most cases is a monumental waste of time and may result in penalties

B)      Hire a cheap SEO company or a foreign SEO company that in most cases will use blackhat SEO methods and get a site penalized.

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