Search Engine Optimization Pricingsearch engine optimization pricing

Lots of people often wonder if search engine optimization services are worth the admission fee. That is a valid question, as you have lots of options when it comes to driving traffic to a website. For example, you can advertise per click, you can advertise on various social media networking sites, you can put ads on various banners. However, those methods can be quite costly. Search engine optimization (SEO) is usually a much more affordable alternative to advertising online.

There are a couple of ways you can find out if the expenditure on SEO (search engine optimization) is worth it for your business.

1)      See if your competitors are appearing on the first page of Google. If yes, then check their title tags. If you find particular keywords in their title tags, that means they are trying to get traffic from search engines, which of course means that traffic must mean something to them that they attempted to optimize their pages (to some degree).

2)      Pay for search engine optimization, ensure that you have Google Analytics installed on your site, and ask every buyer or client if they found you on Google, and if they can tell you what they searched for to find you. Obviously, this option is going to cost you money, but in a majority of cases we have a observed, the return in investment (ROI) when it comes to search engine optimization is simply fantastic.

So how much should a search engine optimization charge? That depends. If they are worth their salt, they will probably charge anywhere between $500/month to as much as $10,000/month depending on the size of the project.

We at price our projects in the above price range, and our client continue to pay us month after month, only because they see the value in what we are doing for their businesses.

Search engine optimization pricing is usually a much lower price-point than any other online advertising medium. However, that doesn’t mean one should ignore those other mediums. Many of our clients use our search engine optimization services, and they advertise online too.

When it comes to search engine optimization pricing, it all comes down to return on investment. If you spend $700/month, but generate $7,000 per month as a result, you are going to love search engine optimization.

Happy traffic building!