Search Engine Optimization Tips

Lots have changed just in the past couple of weeks! So if you are still reading that book on search engine optimization or referencing the SEO tips and notes you took at that search engine optimization workshop last year, well, you are well behind the “SEO times” if you will.

On 9/26/13, Google deployed Hummingbird, and what Muhammad Ali claimed, Google actually did – they shook up the world! Why, because 90% of all search results were impacted!

We will know, or at least those in the search engine optimization community must know, about Panda and Penguin. Well those algorithms impacted collectively less than 5% of all searches. Hummingbird impacted 90% of all searches.

So what happened, and what are some FREE search engine optimization tips that will have your site buzzing with Google traffic. Here we go –

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips:

1)  Good Filenames – make sure they are keyword rich, but not too rich. Make sure they are descriptive of precisely the content the page will be describing

2)  No Bad TLDs – Please don’t try to optimize that .us or .biz site. How many times have you see a site like that come up for any competitive keyword?

3)  No Spam Content – this is a given, but some folks just won’t accept the fact that spam content will not work! You can scrape content from various sources and assume Google will never figure out your clever SEO ways. Google engineers don’t get paid top dollar to let you get away with that!

4)  Fresh Unique Content – Write new content that will keep humans liking you. Yes, humans not search engine robots. Don’t think about those pesky little robots. Instead think of the type of visitor that is going to end up on your site. Are you catering to primarily males or female (or both)? What are their demographics? Are they college educated? Think of your visitors and write for them, for the purpose of educating them about your product(s) and service(s).

5)  Get Good Links – in essence DO NOT get links from paid blogs, from article sites, from spammy press releases, from forums, and any such place that will sell you a link.

6)  Rel=”Nofollow” – get to love and cherish that little snippet. If you do have press release links or blog links or even advertorial links ensure you have the rel=”nofollow” tag for each outgoing link. It will save you so many headaches down the road.

7)  Time Spent on Site – Make sure people stay on your site as long as possible, without being weird or awful in any way. In other words, do not open hidden little browsers when people land on your site. Instead write good content that will keep them on your site longer. Of course, no one is going to live on your site, we are all quite busy, but writing interesting content and laying out your pages just so, will get visitors to stay on YOUR site LONGER than they stay on your competitor’s site for the same keyword search – that is how you get Google love!

8)  Social Media Buzz – get your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages buzzing. Connect your content to your pages and get love from friends. Ask them to love your postings, and you better love their postings too. Share everything, and ask them to share your content too.

9)  Verify with Google – Make WMT your friend, make sure you verify your site with Google. They need to trust your site. Also, install Google Analytics on your site. The more your let Google trust you the better.

10)  Sitemaps.xml – Make sure your keep your sitemap.xml file updated. When you add or delete a page, let it be known on your sitemap.xml file, and you should submit and resubmit that sitemap.xml file to Google

You could spend your time trying to do your own search engine optimization, by using the SEO tips above, or you can hire a professional search engine optimization company, one that practices ethical search engine optimization, you know one that specializes in organic search engine optimization – oh okay, us, hire us at and let us do your search engine optimization for you!

Most companies who truly analyze their daily work activity, and count how much of their valuable time they spent on search engine optimization vs. how much more productive they could have been had they spent time on growing their business instead, they realize that not hiring a professional search engine optimization company is costing them money!

Happy search engine optimizing (or happy search engine optimizer hiring)!