Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – What Works! Get Free Analysis and Quote

Search engine optimization is the science of massaging websites so that they get ranked higher in search engines. Search engine optimization is definitely a long-term strategy, as search engine optimization may take anywhere from 4 weeks to 16 weeks for results to show. However, when that waiting period is over, search engine optimization usually pays off quite handsomely! There are many search engines optimization techniques that have circulated on the Internet. Some are accurate, while others are not. Here are some of search engine optimization best practices:

  1.     Write excellent copy (text not images).
  2.     Have your meta tags reflect that copy.
  3.     Have your alt tags reflect that copy.
  4.     Optimize for keywords that are directly related to your site.
  5.     Build a keyword anchor text rich site map.
  6.     Make file names that have your keywords in them.
  7.     Submit your site to relevant directories.
  8.     Get your site listed in the Yahoo directory.
  9.     Get links from other relevant websites (even non-relevant may help).
  10.     Build links to your site slowly.
  11.     Add new content to your site.
  12.     Develop deep websites so that your visitors stay longer on your site.
  13.     Avoid having frames in your site. (Though we can optimize these successfully)
  14.     Do not have an entirely flash driven site. (Though we can optimize these successfully)
  15.     Do not use white on white text (hidden text).
  16.     Do not submit to link farms.
  17.     Do not use cloaking.
  18.     Do not use an automatic roll-over.
  19.     Do not have mirror websites (duplicate websites) as only one tends to get listed.
  20.     Have good social media signals from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus – URLU.ME social media SEO tool helps!

Through our First Page Ranker search engine optimization service, we do all of the above for you. Please note that if you have a site that is less than 12 months old, Google will keep you out of the top listings for up to 1 year for competitive keywords as they have a filter in place that will keep newer sites from getting higher rankings. We believe Google has done this to slow down spammers who have used search engines to make a quick buck and then close up shop without delivering on their promises. Basically to get rid of fly-by-night operations that do not contribute anything decent to search engines. However, other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Altavista do not have such filters in place.