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This write-up will discuss on-site factors of search engine placement (SEP). Implementing proper search engine placement techniques is one of the most important, cost effective methods of getting Internet traffic to a website. There are nearly 135 factors in implementing proper search engine placement to a website. Many people are surprised to learn that as many actions one can take to SEO their site, there are nearly the same number of actions one can take that would harm the rankings of their site. Improper and black hat, highly frowned upon techniques like IP cloaking, keyword repetition or hidden content (black on black text or white on white text) will harm your site and may even get your site penalized. Here are some of the most important factors to proper search engine placement of a site:

1. Proper title tag
2. Proper meta description
3. Proper robots tag
4. Proper meta keywords tag (no effect on Google)
5. Proper keyword to content ratio
6. Proper filenames
7. Proper sitemaps
8. Proper Alt tags
9. Proper site architecture
10. Proper uniqueness of content
11. Proper amount of links pointing to the site
12. Proper amount of links pointing to the correct pages of the site
13. Proper targeting of keywords
14. Proper anchor text on site

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