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(Evaluating Your Results)

Once you have your site up and running, you should have a hit statistics tool in place. A hit statistics tool will analyze the visitors your site receives for you. There are free open source analytic packages like Piwik, but nothing compares to having Google Analytics on your site. Google will provide you a few lines of JavaScript code that you simply add to each page of your site (or a footer of your site if that footer is called sitewide). Google Analytics allows you to evaluate how many visitors you receive on a daily basis, then measure how many of those visitors you actually convert into buyers. This percentage rate is important. That rate is called the conversion rate. If it is anything lower than 0.5% you should reevaluate your marketing mix. Anything between 0.5% to 2.5% is considered average, and anything over 2.5% is considered excellent.

When doing your evaluation you need to determine how long the average visitor is staying on your site, and how many times the average visitor is returning to your site during a period of approximately 30 days. It may take as many as 9 visits to convert a visitor into a buyer! In addition, the longer the visitor stays on your site, the better your chances of converting that visitor into a buyer.

If you determine your site is not performing as well as it should be performing, you will need to re-analyze your marketing mix, as well as your website. One or both may need tweaking. We at offer professional web development and programming, as well as search engine marketing and optimization services. Please contact us for availability and a customized quote by clicking on the button above.