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If you are looking for search engine ranking, you are probably looking for one of two things.

1) You were trying to determine which search engine has higher market share, thus you were trying to rank the search engines, or;

2) You were trying to learn how to improve your site’s search engine ranking.

This write-up will answer both of those questions. First let us discuss the rankings of search engines. As we all know, Google still has the lion share of the search engine traffic. Most web developer and website owners are primarily concerned with Google, Yahoo!, Bing and the rest are typically ignored or at best marginalized. However, as you will see below, Yahoo! And Bing are coming up in the world. So if you have thus far neglected non-Google search engines, you may want to reconsider based on the below search engine ranking statistics:

              Search Engine    Percent of Search Market Share

Google                                 67%

    Bing                                     16.5%

   Yahoo!                                 12.1%

   Ask                                       2.8%

  AOL Search                           1.7%

The above search engine ranking statistics are taken from Comscore.

It appears all those Bing ads have taken their toll on the overall search ranking numbers. As you can see Bing has gone from single digits to now double digits, and since they mostly power the search engine results for Yahoo!, Bing now controls 1/3 of the search engine ranking market!

So when it comes to doing SEO (search engine optimization) or any sort of website promotion for that matter, it is important not to neglect non-Google search engines.

Improving Search Engine Ranking

If you instead want to improve your search engine ranking on Google and other search engines, you have come to the right place! This write-up will give you an easy-to-follow synopsis on how to improve your search engine ranking. Here are some basic primers that will get you started:

1) Ensure all the pages of your site are indexable by the search engines. Meaning, do not have duplicate content on your pages.

2) Register your domain for longer period, at least 3 years, some like to register their domains for 10 years, based on a patent that Google once released that favored URLs that were registered for longer periods.

3)      Do not attempt to privacy protect your domain. Search engines will trust your domain less.

4)      Get your site hosted on a static IP address, instead of a shared IP address. Most reputable hosting companies will provide a static IP address for a nominal fee, like $1 more per month.

5)      Ensure that the copy you add to your site is yours! This goes without saying that one should never plagiarize or scrape content from another site. That is not only unhelpful, but it is stealing. You don’t want someone to steal your content, so don’t steal theirs

6)      Write good title tags. Ensure your keywords is in the title tag of the page

7)      Write a good meta description. Again, your keyword should be in the meta description tag, which should match the rest of the content of the page.

8)      Get good links to point to your site. A good place to get a link is from the Yahoo! Directory or However, they charge $299/year. Alternatively, you can hire a reputable search engine optimization company that can get white-hat links to point to your site. Meaning, never use blackhat links like blog links, article submission directories, press releases or forums to get links.

9)      Add new content to your site on a regular basis. At least once per month add new fresh unique content to your site that will improve your search engine rankings.

10)   Make sure you have a good sitemap.xml file that you can submit to Google Webmaster Tools. Once your site is verified you can do easily upload your sitemap.xml file to them.

Alternatively, you can hire an ethical search engine optimization company like to your SEO work for you! Use this form to get an SEO quote.

Happy Search Engine Ranking!