If you are looking for an SEO Company thSEO Companyat has a proven track record of getting websites to the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, then you found us at RegisterEverywhere.com. We have been serving the SEO (search engine optimization) needs of website owners since November of 1994. Yes, that means our company precedes Google. Back then we used to focus on Yahoo!, AltaVista, and Lycos.

In today’s landscape, the most important search engine is Google. In fact, Google is synonymous with the Internet and search itself. Without Google, many businesses would not have any online business. However, Google is a very difficult search engine to rank well on, as they keep changing their ranking algorithms (mathematical formula that rankings websites). Their newest algorithm is called Hummingbird, and they have used to ensure conversation search works better and to penalize sites that try to cheat Google.

We get dozens of calls per month from people inquiring about why their site is no longer being ranked well on Google. They each tell us about their woes with their previous SEO firms. The reason for the drop in their search rankings is the Hummingbird algorithm. Chances are high that if your site used to be ranked well, and now is no longer on the first page with your targeted keywords, that you or your SEO company had deployed blackhat SEO methods  like having excessive backlinks from forums, blogs, social media sites, and press releases. Even bad content can get your site penalized.

We deal with the above issues on a daily basis, we correct them, and we get our clients to the first page of Google. Call us today at 1-800-585-3222 to discuss your needs or request a free analysis and proposal here.