SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting

Have you lost your prominent Google rankings? Has your business taken a dip since September of 2013? Are you taking in less calls and inquiries?

If you had previously tried to do SEO yourself, or had hired a so called “SEO Company” or “SEO Guru” to help you get higher rankings, they probably did some shady backlink building (or even more terrible things) and got your site penalized by Google. Granted not all drops in rankings are a penalty, there could merely be a filter against some of the pages of your sites for on-site factors. No matter the case, we can help!

Even if there is no penalty on your site, or even if you do not have a website yet, we can consult with you and give you expert SEO advice so that you can build the right type of site that will garner organic traffic from search engine like Google.

60-minutes phone consulting: $699
30-minutes phone consulting: $399

Inquire below and we will email you our SEO consulting agreement:

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