SEO in Los Angeles

SEO in Los Angeles

This is a free white paper about a Los Angeles CA carpet cleaning company that hired our SEO Company to fix the mistakes of their previous SEO firm that ruined their rankings.

The client called our 800 number, and he had a heavy accent. It was clear right off the bat the client thought terribly of SEO companies. Who could blame him after going to an SEO company, who put meta tags on his site, submitted him to a link farm run out of a foreign country and got his site penalized in Google. The poor guy was barely surviving as is, now he had his site penalized with the Panda updates from Google.

Here is What We Learned:

The SEO client had found a company advertising on that they can get you backlinks from tens of thousands of forums, and blogs, that they would even write articles for the clients, and submit it to hundreds of press release websites.

The SEO Company our client in Los Angeles had hired was telling the truth. They did all of the above; of course in doing so, they got the poor carpet cleaner’s website penalized in Google in about 4 months of them embarking on their terrible black hat cheap backlink methods.

The SEO Company our client had hired swore up and down that it is impossible it could be their links that caused the penalty, and their links are virtually undetectable, plus they never submitted their site to Google via Google’s Webmaster Tools dashboard.

The thinks we’ve heard. Once we got involved, we asked our SEO Los Angeles client to contact as many of those backlink providers and ask them to remove the links. We asked them to send out three rounds of such emails. About 40% of those requests were honored. The rest, we were forced to use the “Disavow Tool” provided by Google Webmaster Tools, and asked our search engine optimization Los Angeles client to file a reconsideration request, and we waited. In about 37 days the penalty was lifted.

We began true clean white-had methods of SEO (search engine optimization) for our Los Angeles client and in about 8 weeks we had his site ranking on the first page of Google for his geographically targeted key phrases.

SEO Lesson:

Never buy links from foreign sources. Never spam forums. Never spam blogs. Never rely on articles.