SEO Services

If you are searching for best pricing on top SEO services, then you landed on the right site! has been going SEO (search engine optimization) since November of 1994. Google wasn’t around back then, and search engine like AltaVista, Lycos, and Yahoo! (the directory/portal) were a cinch when it came to ranking websites. Even when Google initially came into the marketplace in 1998, it was still very easy to rank sites highly for competitive keywords. However, as time progressed, Google kept improving its ranking algorithm, and now, a majority of SEO companies have no clue how to consistently rank a website on the first page of Google.  That is why so many businesses count on us here at to deliver consistent targeted traffic to their websites.

A couple of factors differentiate’s SEO services vs. the rest:

1) We have more experience than almost all of the other SEO companies

2) We have our own network of websites that we fully control. 

Most SEO companies do a decent job of doing on-site SEO; the basics of title tags, description tags, keyword-to-content ratio is applied correctly by most of our SEO peers. However, most of our competitors still rely on blogs, guest posts, press releases, forums, and articles to get links for their clients. Since the introduction of the “Hummingbird” algorithm by Google (please see our post about Hummingbird), the entire landscape has changed.   

If your local SEO service is still utilizing blogs, forums, articles, press releases, web 2.0 sites to get links to your site, we strongly recommend you request to cancel all of those links as soon as possible, as it is only a matter of time until your site gets penalized by Google.

Professional SEO Services

Nowadays, everyone is an “SEO specialist” yet few are actually delivering results for their clients. If you  have hired a professional SEO service and the kind of work they are doing incorporates building blog, forum, and article backlinks, you unfortunately have hired the wrong professional SEO firm. They should not be deploying any risky/spammy backlinks that incorporate blogs, forum, articles or even press releases. That used to work (although we here at always preached against using any such backlinking methods), it does not work any longer. Furthermore, it actually hurts your rankings and will get your site penalized by Google.

Local SEO Services

If you are geographically based business, whether you are a dermatologist, dentist, car dealer, or  a gym owner, then you want to concentrate your marketing dollars on local SEO. By local SEO we mean keywords that target your geographical area. So if you are dentist practicing in Los Angeles, you want to focus on keywords like “dentist Los Angeles” or “Los Angeles dentists” instead of strictly the keyword dentist. The more refined you make your keywords, the better your actual conversation rate will be. Major search engine can do IP geolocation matching for searches, but in many instances the IP address the searcher is on is not where they are located. So the search results would be skewed. That is why it is best to focus your keywords locally if you have a geographically based business.  The right local SEO services can help you select the best keywords for your business not just based on Google search data, but based on what keywords your competitors are targeting. We offer that sort of keyword research as a matter of course for our clients here at

Hope this write-up helps you select the best SEO service for your business.  You want to give yourself a decent monthly budget for SEO, and don’t put it off, as SEO is a process that takes time, but the results are phenomenal! Should you have any questions for us at, please call us at 1-800-585-3222.