Strategic Web Traffic (SWT) SEO Proposal

What does “strategic web traffic” really mean? Well, it means identifying your demographics and reaching them using organic Internet marketing methods like search engine optimization, content development and social media marketing. That’s not all though. Once you reach that market, and drive that traffic to your site, identifying landing page issues so that you can further increase your conversion rate; all this for the purpose of maximizing your revenues. Strategic web traffic involves heavy usage of Google Analytics, A/B testing, multivariate testing and almost always includes landing page changes or sometimes complete site overhauls, a complete re-design.

We are deploy strategic web traffic for our clients who already have a solid amount of organic Internet traffic. It is impossible to do proper analysis without having non-paid traffic on the site. We stress non-paid traffic, as paid traffic is not consistently reliable. In other words, if you paid for Google AdWords or Bing Advertising, and this morning you are ranked in the #1 position under the sponsored listings, but this afternoon you are ranked in the #3 position, your test will be inaccurate. With natural search engine optimization (or organic search engine placement), you have a lot more consistency where if you are ranked #1 in the morning, in all probability you will still be ranked #1 in the afternoon any for quite a long time to come if you have the right SEO company on your side.:-)

Whether you feel your site is not getting enough traffic or if you feel your site needs a complete overhaul, fill out a free analysis and proposal request by clicking on the button above and let an experienced reputable online marketing and search engine optimization firm like take a look at your site, and your site against the sites of your competitors.