Top Affiliate Programs

When you think of top affiliate programs, most think of all the big names out there like Commission Junctions or LinkShare. However, there are plenty of other high paying affiliate programs, in fact, many like the affiliate program at pay a lot more money overall than even some of the best affiliate programs on either one of the aforementioned affiliate networks. The reason for that is because values the relationship we have with our over 400 affiliates. We want to ensure they are happy with us, and continue to refer their clients that need SEO, social media marketing or opt-in email marketing to us.

Moreover, it is rare to find a top affiliate program that pays as quickly as does. Our affiliates get paid within 7 working days! So not only are you getting a top paying affiliate program, but you are working with a company that pays out very quickly too!

Our Top Affiliate Programs Facts:

  • Free to join
  • No minimum affiliate payout
  • All payments are made via PayPal
  • Generous 50% of the first month payment collected from client affiliate referred
  • Affiliate is paid within 7 days of us collecting payment from the client
  • Add 10% of subsequent months payments collected from clients affiliate referred, starting from the 6th client the affiliate refers (the first 5 are paid 50% of first month payment collected from the affiliate’s client only).
  • Our minimum billing begins at $500 per month. So the least an affiliate would get for referring a paying client to us is $250.