Top Paying Affiliate Programs 

If you are out searching for top paying affiliate programs, you have landed on the right site! We offer one of the highest affiliate payout commissions in the entire SEO industry. We have a couple of different top affiliate programs.

Transparent Affiliate Program

This is pretty straight forward. We offer 50% commission of the first month’s revenue that we collect from the client that you refer. Moreover, starting from your 6th referral, we offer 50% of the first month’s revenue that we collect from the client that you refer, PLUS 10% of each month’s revenue that we collect from the client that you had referred. Since we charge a MINIMUM $500/month for our services, you can see how easily your profits will add up. In the” transparent affiliate program,” we do all the client hand-holding.

Private Label Affiliate Program (White Label Affiliate Program)

In this affiliate program, the affiliate is actually our client. Meaning, the affiliate turns over their client’s SEO request to us, and we do all the SEO work, we produce ranking reports in the affiliate’s company name (provided the affiliate gives us their company logo, and company information), and do all the SEO work behind the scenes. We do not ever contact the client, as the affiliate is supposed to do all the hand-holding. For doing that hand-holding, the affiliate can charge their client any fee they deem fair. We do not get involved in that billing process.

So in the “private label affiliate program” the affiliate pays us, and then bills their client a fee on top of what they pay us. For example, let us say we are going to charge $500 per month to accept the SEO project. The affiliate pays us $500 per month, but bills their client $900 per month, as they are doing all the client hand-holding. We do not get involved in whatever billing arrangement the affiliate has made with their client.

To become a is very quick and easy. Simply complete this form and get it back to us.

 Our Top Affiliate Program Facts:

  • Free to join our affiliate network
  • No minimum affiliate payout
  • All payments are made via PayPal
  • Generous 50% of the first month payment collected from client affiliate referred
  • Affiliate is paid within 7 days of us collecting payment from the client
  • Add 10% of subsequent months payments collected from clients affiliate referred, starting from the 6th client the affiliate refers (the first 5 are paid 50% of first month payment collected from the affiliate’s client only).
  • Our minimum billing begins at $500 per month. So the least an affiliate would get for referring a paying client to us is $250.Top-paying-affiliate-program