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So you have decided to generate sales at a fraction of the cost of the typical advertising budget, and have chosen SEO (search engine optimization) as the way to do achieve that ojective. You are definitely on the right path as hundreds of thousands of business owners pay professional SEO companies like to optimize their sites for them. However, how should you pick the best search engine optimization firm for your business?

Picking the Top Search Engine Optimization Company

First and foremost, check to see if they are Hummingbird friendly. Hummingbird is the all encompassing Google algorithm that swallowed up Panda and Penguin, and took it to a whole other level. To ensure the SEO firm is Hummingbird friend, ask them the below questions:

  1. Do you use blog to build backlinks?
  2. Do you use forums to build backlinks?
  3. Do you use press releases to build backlinks?
  4. Do you use link exchanges to build backlinks?
  5. Do you use any type of software like SE Nuke to SEO sites and build backlinks?
  6. Do you use social bookmarking sites to build backlinks?
  7. Do you buy sponsored links?
  8. Do you scrape content from other sites?
  9. Do you hide content?
  10. Do you use cloaking?

If the SEO firm you called said yes to any of the above, toss the phone down on the floor and smash it to pieces. It is better for you to be with no phone, then to lose your site’s rankings! That is what will happen if you use any of the techniques noted in the above questions.

The rest of it comes down to how comfortable you feel with the SEO firm. So of that will have to do with how knowledgeable the person who answers the phone is about SEO, and most of that knowledge comes from good experience. We here at have been doing SEO for clients since November of 1994. We attend every SEO and online marketing conference. We read all the material that is released by any Google engineer or analyst. We even read the patents they submit to the USPTO.

Choosing the Top SEO Firm

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing the top search engine optimization firm. We invite you to shop around. However, please make sure you are not left without a proposal from us at We feel once you compare our experience, results, and knowledge, ethics, you will find that we are the top SEO firm that you should be working with.