What to Unlearn About SEO from 10 Years Ago Unlearn SEO

If you have been trying to get your site ranked higher on search engines, particularly on Google, you know that 10 years ago, it was a much easier undertaking to do so than it is today. Here are some things you should unlearn from 10 years ago:

  • Constantly linking with keyword rich anchor text is not always helpful.
  • Don’t get excessive links from blogs, forums, articles, and even press releases.
  • Changing a link from the same source can reduce the value of the link.
  • Having a high pagerank having site doesn’t mean you will rank higher.
  • Don’t write for the search engine robots, write your content for your users.

If you just stick with the above, you should do well. If you cannot find good links, don’t go paying for them, you will get your site penalized. Talk to a professional search engine optimization company like RegisterEverywhere.com, okay and others;  call around to see who you feel the most comfortable handling your SEO. You can get a FREE SEO analysis and proposal from us here