Which Keywords Are The Best Keywords? Get Free Analysis and Quote

One of the most important elements of search engine optimization is the initial research phase of choosing the proper keywords. That is why RegisterEverywhere.com thoroughly researches and analyses keywords for every client that sign-up for service at no additional charge. If you don’t get the proper keywords, you will not get the right type of traffic.

Here is what I mean, once I had a called phone us and say he wants us to optimize his nationwide truck business. So we started discussing his needs and he revealed that he wants us to optimize the word “quote” because he will provide his clients a free trucking quote, and he would also like for us to optimize “shipping” because he is in the shipping business, as well as the word “truck” because he handles the shipping with his trucks. Well, even though indirectly those type of one-word keywords may make sense, in reality, they are not the right keywords. If you do nationwide trucking, that should be one of your key phrases. Another good key phrase would be “trucking services” yet another one would be “trucking companies.” If someone types in “trucking companies” and your site comes up, you have a very hot lead reading your material on your website. Now go get em!!

Next, let’s tackle the “how to get more traffic and kick my competitor’s petunia” question I always get. Look, it is no doubt that there is a bit of a slow down in the economy. It hasn’t stopped, it just that most businesses are experiencing some slowing down. When that happens, and if you have been in business for at least 8 years, you should have experienced this at least twice thus far, one should take a strong look at new affordable advertising opportunities. One clear such option is investing into your website. Not redeveloping it, because I’m sorry to tell you, but people don’t buy from you because they like the colors you use for your website, but by getting traffic to your site. Remember, it is and will always be a numbers game. The more targeted traffic one gets, the more sales one can possible get. It’s that simple.

Search engine optimization, in my honest opinion, is probably one of the best affordable investments a business can make when sales are slowing down. You should know that as soon as house sellers give in and reduce the over-inflated prices they are charging for their homes, buyers will buy those homes and start their remodeling them and fixing them up, which will in turn help the creditors and the contractors. It is just a matter of time until those selling their homes for their over-inflated prices are left with no option nor hope and drop their selling price and boom, we are right back in it (yes, I know there are losers in those scenario, and there is nothing we can do about that as it is a zero sum game, but there will be many more winners than losers).

Moral of the story – When things are slowing down, invest. Because if you don’t you will not be there when things recover. Savvy businesses and MBAs will tell you in shaky times, you should invest so you can reap what you sow when things recover.