The Current “Search” Landscape Sosbuzz logo

The current model of search is quite simple. Let’s say you are looking for a web developer to help you create your website. You go to your favorite search engine and you search for something like “web developers” or “web developers near me.”  The search engine will query the database, and give you back a set of websites along with a title and description for each. Moreover, nearly all of the search engines out there offer paid advertising alongside their organic search results. The idea for paid advertising is the same, except when you click on those paid ads, the search engine will charge that business a per-click fee. The entire paid search advertising model is auction based, as such the click-fees are never constant.

Whether you use the organic search results or the paid one, you still need to click on a site, or click on a “call now” type link to contact each business one-by-one. We’ve all been doing this for so long that we don’t really think about how much time and energy that type of search takes. Moreover, using the web developer search example, not every web developer you contact is going to be readily available when you contact them or offer their services within your budget.

Enter Sosbuzz’s Search & Search Advertising Model

Sosbuzz flipped that model by saving the searcher time, and putting the searcher in control. Here’s how it works – using the same web developer example above, when you do a search for “web developers” you get a list of web developers along with a title, a brief description, a rating, and a little check box next to each listing. You can place a check next to whichever listing(s) that interest you, complete the form (when you’re signed in you can have your name, phone and/or email pre-filled) and advise the web developers of what you need. Those who are interested will call you back, those that are not, won’t. You don’t have to contact each web developer one-by-one, and you don’t have to waste time reading each of their websites, looking for phone numbers, and hoping to get someone on the phone.

As you can imagine, this model works wonders for mobile searches. Instead of trying to read merchant websites on a tiny screen (even though you can still do that in the Sosbuzz model) you can have merchants call you back. Why should you as a searcher go through all that “search” work? You are the one paying those merchants, they should cater to your convenience, not the other way around.

Search Advertising With Zero Accidental or Fraudulent Clicks

In the Sosbuzz model, search advertisers don’t pay anything to advertise until they get a solid lead. There is even a whole billing system in place where the merchant can contest leads that were accidents. The patented Sosbuzz search model covers a variety of compensation models including billing per lead, or per sale. Search engine advertisers will feel a lot better knowing who wanted their products or services, instead of worrying about accidental/fraudulent clicks.

This study show 40% of mobile ad clicks are either accidents or are fraudulent! The Sosbuzz search model eliminates all of that.  You can see an example of Sosbuzz’s search interface here:


Convenient Search

Imagine needing a web developer, a plumber, a contractor, a painter, a dentist, even a car and having those merchants call you right back on your mobile phone (or if you are worried about giving out a number, you can use your email address).  Sosbuzz, which is our sister company, aptly calls this model “convenient search.” A problem that may have taken you hours to solve, will now take you minutes.

Sosbuzz is a mere start-up with a growing list of 7,000 members, but the benefits they offer to searchers and search advertisers is pretty cool:-)

Happy searching!