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Google Plans To Sell Its Recently Acquired Search Engine Optimization Company!
April 15, 2008

Why would Google even purchase Performics Search Marketing in the first place you ask? Well, it probably came with the package, plus Google can sell Performics at a premium to lots of third parties. It's kind of like buying a home in Chattsworth California, but then moving the same exact house to Beverly Hills California, you can charge a premium just for the name.

Performics Search Marketing provided search engine optimization (SEO) services to companies all across the globe. However, since its inception Google has been on a very clear mission of offering unbiased search results to searchers all across the world. They do not want to be accused of tainting the results. If they take money for their NATURAL search results, then people will probably stop using Google and turn to MSN, Yahoo or some other up and coming competitor (Wikisearch – Nahhh) who will take advantage of the major fau paux orchestrated by Google.

Here is my prediction as to what's next for Google. They will try to break into the traditional advertising business, but after many acquisitions of smaller companies, they will not be able to make much of a dent. Then some executive is going to make a presentation to Sergey and Alan and is going to advise them that they should start their own television network. They should take Youtube to the tube. The executive will speak of great stories and weave wonderful tales of a society where people search for and watch whatever they want, without being on a computer. This brings in hundreds of millions of new consumers to Google from across the globe that would typically never use a computer let alone go to Throw in Google search features and wallah, NBC move over!

Rant - why oh why did I not buy Google stock when it was offered to me for $90 per share.

Moral of the story – Leave search engine optimization to search engine optimization experts and stock picking to stock picking experts!

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